Phil and Carol's 30th Anniversary Present Dec 30th, 2016

We crossed the Hennepin Ave bridge over to Nicollet Island.

Arrived at Nicollet Island Inn for 6 p.m. reservation.

The hostess took our picture by the tree.

We were seated at a lovely table with soft booth seats and a
wonderful view of the frozen Mississippi river.

Happy Phil

And, cheers from a happy CJ

What a nice anniversary present!

CJ started with a glass of red wine (Argentine Malbec) and then
a beet salad - red beets, watercress, brussel sprout leaves, pecorino,
bacon/maple vin, candied pistachio. It was delicious.

Phil started with lobster bruschetta - lobster salad, avocado, lemon,
crostini. Also yummy.

CJ then had scallops - 3 U10 American sea scallops, butternut
squash risotto, bacon, sage/walnut pesto. This was excellent!

Phil's then had onion soup gratinnee - beef stock, brandy, crostini,

For dessert, CJ had some Bailey's ice cream and Phil had chocolate
mousse and of course, coffee, which came in clear glass cups!

Then to top it off, we had an hour-long horse and carriage ride
around Minneapolis. One of our drivers was the owner of the carriage
company and we had a grand time talking to him about his business
and he was full of fun facts of the town.
He is also a pilot, so he and Phil talked airplanes too.

We stopped at Gold Medal Park, which is right next to the Guthrie theater.
We were told that we had another surprise there, and were to get out
as this was the end of our ride. We got out and walked carefully towards
the hill where there were 4 people standing. It was very icy walking.
We called to them, but they didn't respond. We looked around and didn't
see anyone else, so we got back into the carriage and continued back to
the Nicollet Island Inn and our car. A strange and wonderful adventure?

We took various pictures of the town, but because the carriage was
moving with the clip clop of the horses, most were blurry.
I loved the sound and we did get some fun video.
Thank you to the three families
for a Fabulous Anniversary Present!