Daddy Paints a Butterfly Above the Changing Pad Aug 2004

The Name Goes On June 2004

Countdown... 3 weeks to go!

The 4th drawer is painted, its almost done. It will be finished when we know the name of the child. The letters of the name will be inside the structure hanging by vines. The structure is hanging from the tree by vines too. I will probably add some flowers to the vines to add some color. The Orangutan will get either a blue or pink bow depending on the child. There are 3 more plaques going on the wall later. And then the window treatments.



Almost There... 4 weeks to go!


Baby Neikirk Bedroom Getting Better
By Peter the Artist
Dec 7, 2003
New Carpet goes in Dec 9th


Animals that will sit on rock

Baby Neikirk Bedroom In Progress
By Peter the Artist
Nov 2-3, 2003


Room Accessories