Kare's Spinning Wheel April 2013

Kare and Family in Cambria March 2013


Bill and Kare in Exeter CA Aug 2011


Kare and Shauna and Krissy go to Disneyland for Krissy's 5th Birthday

Kare after neck surgery



Catalina 03/05


Krissy Sees Santa 2004


Ken Dunn visits Bill and Kare Nov 2004


Kare's 60th Birthday in Sedona 2004

Bill and Kare's New Neighbor in AZ
Apparently this VERY LARGE bobcat was in the neighborhood where we are building
two days ago (end of Oct) and our neighbor took these shots.

Krissy Sept 2004 (almost 1 year)

Tuscon July 2004

Krissy Jan 2004

Krissy at Halloween 2003
Just over 1 month old


Kristina Karlyn Freeborn
Kare and Bill's newest granddaughter with Parents Shauna and Dave
She arrived early! September 26, 2003
6 pounds 10 ounces  18 and 1/2 inches.

Valentines Day 2003 (their 10th)

Kare and Shauna Nov 2002
Bill and Kare Nov 2002

Bill and Kare's 8th Wedding Anniversary (Sept 10th, 2002)!

Thanksgiving 2001 with Shauna and Dave

At the Mission

Bill and Kare's new baby 'Ty', 1-3 days old
.. ..
.. ..
Santa Barbara National Amateur Horse Show - 7 ribbons (11/20-11/22)

.. .. .. .. ..
Horsin around

Andrew Miller Dunn in good company. 4th Generation San Franciscan yet.

Lido Island

At Sven & Inga farm

Visiting with Bill and Kare in Oakland