Char Bruce Fun Pics of 2008

50th Wedding Anniversary June 21, 2008



MEET PURR-C PURRINGTON, our Golden Anniversary golden gift to each other!!! PURR-C came into our lives via an article and picture in our local paper. The Animal League of Green Valley published the article and quoted PURR-C's former owner who had to move out of state. "PURR-C is a puppy cat. He is very vocal and shows his affections and moods with his tail. He loves to head bump his human and loves to drink water from a faucet. He loves affection, toys, catnip and to cuddle."

Ironically we had begun to weed out our closet and were planning to donate the items to the Animal League, at the request of our neighbor. We were both very distracted by the article heralding the name PURR-C . .. taking us back to the days of PURRKY PURRINGTON. So on Thursday, we delivered the goods. The adoption service was closed but we managed to get into the back room and walked past PURR-C's cage. He was sleeping. I whispered "Hi PURR-C" and he raised his head, said MEOW and came to the edge of his cage and nuzzled BP through the wires.. We came home and immediately left the AL a voice mail to save PURR-C for us and call us in the morning. We got the call at 9:00 AM that he was still available and dashed over. The paper work was almost as involved as the paperwork we went through to adopt Jeff & Karen!!!!! That being done, we dashed to Wal-Mart to buy the CAT STUFF!!!! He came with a packet of food and his toys. Then back to take the first picture and drive him home. PURR-C has more than lived up to the qualities his owner described and has won our hearts a million times over!!!!

As you can see, he's a little guy . . . about nine pounds! He's 1 1/2. He's neutered and his shots are up to date. We're anxious to get him checked out by a vet to be assured he's as healthy as he seems. AND, of course, now we have to find a sitter to take over when we're on trips. Are we crazy? YES! But then how many times could such an opportunity present itself . ... once in a lifetime???

Guest room pic was taken the day he arrived; pics on our bed (with orange ball) were taken the second day and the bathroom faucet pic taken this morning (June 1, 2008).


Feb 15, 2008: Some friends dropped by and brought a potted gazania. As we were chatting in the patio a butterfly came by and loved the blossoms. It stayed quite a while and when Char got out our little book, "Painted Ladies" to identify it, it proceeded to identify itself by landing on its picture in the book!
A Mormon Metalmark it was and I got a lucky shot of it departing.