Morgan, Grandpa, Grandma and Muffy Go To Cinderella
Marshall Fields Nov. 14, 2005


Once upon a time there lived an exceptionally beautiful but unhappy girl named Cinderella. Her cruel stepsisters made her do all of the cooking, cleaning and hard work, while they lived like queens.

Cinderella was treated like a servant in her own home, and had only rags and castoffs to wear.


Her horrible stepsisters called her Cinderella because she was always covered in cinders from cleaning the fireplace.

While hard at work as usual, an invitation arrived for a royal Christmas ball at which the prince was to choose a bride.


The sisters primped and planned endlessly and warned Cinderella she was not invited.

Poor Cinderella even had to help her stepsisters prepare for the ball. The stepsisters could hardly contain their excitement as they departed for the castle.


Cinderella was left alone to her chores when suddenly a fairy godmother appeared. You wish in your heart to attend the ball; is it not so? the fairy godmother asked.

Oh, yes! cried Cinderella. More than anything in the world. And with a wave of her wond, the fairy godmother made it so. First, by finishing all the housework.


Next, the fairy godmother transformed a lizard...

... into a footman.


She turned mice into horses and a pumpkin into a splendid carriage.

As Cinderella waved goodby, the fairy godmother cautioned her, Do not stay past midnight, when everything magical will turn back to normal.


So lovely was Cinderella, the entire ballroom was awe struck by her radiance ...

...especially the prince, who danced only with Cinderella from the moment he saw her.


The Prince's ball was spectacular.

Grandma and Morgan thought it looked wonderful!


Lost in the magic of the evening, Cinderella heard the clock strike twelve.

Startled, she jumped and fled up the stairs.


Look at her running up the stairs. said Grandma to Morgan.

In her haste she lost one of her crystal slippers.


I will find the one who fits this slipper, for she is to become my wife, vowed the prince.

And he commanded his servants to try the slipper on every maiden in the land.


One by one, they tried on the shoe in vain.

They took numbers to try it on. But no one could squeeze into the slipper.


Do you think your foot would fit? asked Grandma. Yes. replied Morgan.

Single maidens of every age, shape and size lined up to try their luck.


The stepsisters tried desperately, but unsuccessfully, to squeeze into the shoe.

Cinderella, however, slid her foot right into the crystal slipper. It fit perfectly and the prince realized he had found his beautiful princess.


The prince and Cinderella had a fairy-tale wedding...

...using and lived happily ever after.


Morgan showed the wedding to Muffy who thought it was beautiful.

Grandma thought Cinderella was even prettier than last years Snow White.


Then, Grandma, Morgan and Muffy went to see Santa.

While waiting in line, there were many things to look at like this horse.


Morgan wasn't too sure she wanted to sit on Santa's lap, so she stayed on Grandma's. But Muffy jumped right onto Santa and asked for all good things for everyone this year. Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas to all!!