Flower Beds in Progress May 2013

These small flower pots have miniature flowers and small furniture. We (my book club) are making one for one of our members who was in an accident and this is a welcome home present for when she can come home from the nursing home. She lived on Hollyhock Lane in our neighborhood, thus the sign. The larger one with the tall plants was the model for the smaller one. Dee and I planted the smaller one to be given to Bonnie. I'm painting a very tiny tea cup to glue onto the rock beside the chair.


On the north side of our house there was just a big weed patch. I've been digging the weeds and planting perennials. This is a work in progress and you can see the mass of weeds still to be dug close to the pile of cut tree wood by the fence. There is also a spot in front that juts out on the lawn (towards MorganHaus) that will be part of the flower bed too. I plan to eventually put paving type bricks or some stone around the flower bed and mulch it. It always surprises me how much work it is to dig out weeds and roots, etc. to get the ground ready for the plants. We have book club on Thursday June 6th and I will ask my friends for more shade perennials to add to this flower bed. Free plants are the best!