421 Hazel Lane via Google Earth 7/20/14
CJ is waxing the car and oblivious to being photographed


Painting MorganHaus letters 6/24/14

Breakfast Group 6/21/14


Phil's Birthday Card from Neikirks 2013

Hobby Acres Annual Neighborhood Garden Walk June 23, 2012

Tree trimming Oct 2010


CJ Graduation - Hopkins Citizens Academy April 6, 2010

CJ Attends Hopkins Citizens Academy
March 4, 2010 General Government - City Council Meeting City Hall
March 11, 2010 Police Department, with 3 hour ride along in police car
March 18, 2010 Planning and Economic Development -
                        Dow Towers Public Housing Apartment Bldg
March 25, 2010 Public Works, including water plant tour
April 1, 2010 Fire Department
April 6, 2010 Graduation at City Hall

USAF Pilot Philip King Dunn and New Baby Lauren Dec 1965 and April 1969


New Kindle and Chef Dunn 2009


Christmas Puzzle from Kate and Ed 2008


CJ Scrapbooking Feb 07




Thanks to Phil and Annette for Phil's Birthday 2004

Thanks to Kate and Ed Christmas 2003

Yummy Vegies

CJ's 51st Birthday 11/03/03
Beautiful Earings from Michelle/Pete and
My Stripping Present from PK!


Phil 10/24/03

We load up on Baby Bargains Books 9/2/03

3 deer in our backyard 5/22/03

At Work Nov. 30, 2002

Wonderful Chicken Breast stuffed with Prosciutto and Mozzarella
and a Tex-Mex Cheese Flan with Chunky Salsa


Christmas 1992 and Ice Skating on Lake of the Isles