Cole Spalter's cruise on the Sapphire Princess with Bill and Toby Spalter November 2010
This is Cole's Journal from that Trip - He is 10 yrs Old

Cole's ship departed from San Pedro harbor at 4pm on November 20, 2010 for 1 week. Stops were Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas


First Day

Today was my first day on a cruise ship. After we checked in we boarded the ship around 2:30pm.

First we found our cabin and then we explored the ship and took some pictures. We found several swimming pools and a buffet. We decided to not eat lunch but to wait for dinner. I took several pictures around the boat while it was still docked. The boat started moving at 5:39 PM. We went to dinner at a super fancy restaurant. I ordered pasta, fruit and mousse cake and milk. I loved all of it. After supper we went to a theatre and saw a show with dancers, singers, and a comedian. Then we went to bed around 10PM.


Day 2

In the morning we ran around the track, had breakfast, and went swimming. We saw a fruit and vegetable carving show and then went to lunch. In the afternoon we went to the movies and saw �Knight and Day� and then we went to the very back of the ship to take pictures. After dinner we went to see a show about dancing. Lots of fast costume changes. We also went to another show with a really funny comedian. We went to bed late again.


Day 3

We got up late.

We didn�t do much today because I woke up late after staying up late last night. After breakfast I was going to go swimming but it was too crowded so we went to the very back of the boat and stayed there for a while instead. After that we went to the buffet and had lunch there for the first time. In the afternoon we saw �Salt�, a spy movie. Then we played �find the Zadi� on deck 7. We had supper in the Vivaldi restaurant. I had crab and melon for an appetizer, a cold fruit soup that you eat with a straw, Penne, and for desert I had Cherry Jubilee, but I did not like it. The waiter took it away and brought me a really great torte called Sascha. After dinner we saw a show, danced a bit and went back to the room.


Day 4

Today we arrived in Puerto Vallarta. We took a cab to the center of town and saw a 1860�s church. Then we looked for souvenirs. There were bronze sculptures all along the street by the ocean. When we were walking back to the cab stand we saw people in costume swinging from a high pole. It was really hot when we got back to the ship so we went swimming. In the evening we saw a hilarious comedian.


Day 5

The weather was great in Mazatlan. We took an open shuttle to the entrance of the pier (a surprisingly long ride) and then an open taxi to Old Town where we saw a neat old church. We walked around, bought some souvenirs and then came back to have lunch and go swimming. Later we saw a movie about the ocean. After dinner we saw a show about famous singers and then went to a talent show put on by the crew. The crew threw balloons at the audience and everyone blew them up and we had a balloon fight. It was so fun.


Day 6

We got up late again. We took the tender to Cabo San Lucas. It was very hot on the boardwalk where I bought some neat stuff. Later we saw a feline that could have been a baby lynx, tiger or leopard. We also saw some huge water birds. On the ride back we saw the famous arch and the Sapphire Princess anchored in the harbor. After lunch we saw an ice sculpting demonstration. I had requested a Sascha tort last night during dinner. Tonight they brought me a huge tort cake. Zadie had a piece too.


Last Day

We woke up this morning and found the boat was rocking a bit. For breakfast we went to the International Dining Room and shared a table with two couples who cruised a lot. They told us to take the Alaskan cruise next. I hope we will go, it sounds like fun. After breakfast we watched a cooking demonstration. Then they took us on a tour of the galley. The galley was made entirely of stainless steel, including the ceiling. We had a light lunch, learned about how the shows are created and toured backstage. We saw where the people change costumes and got to go on the stage ourselves. Then we had �High Tea� for the first time.