Grandma Terry Visists May 2003


Passover/Easter in CT April 2003


Craig's Birthday and Cole Singin in the Rain in April 2003


Cole's Beautiful Artwork March 2003


Cole Jan 2003


Cole Halloween 2002


Lauren and Cole Dec 2001

Cole Spalter (1-1/2 yrs old) from Dec 2001 class picture...Anna (aka the biter) is one of the two in a red dress in back. She's got shorter, darker hair (not in pigtails) and closer to Cole. All of these kids are not actually in his class. They are divided between Tues/Thurs group and a Mon/Wed/Fri group. There are two who go all five days.
Miss Pam, Courtney, ??, Katie, Anna, Madison, ??, Miss Joyce
Cowen, Sara, Grace, ??, Cole
Katie, Anna(who just got kicked out for biting), Cowen & Sarah are in Cole's class (MWF). There are two others in his class who didn't make the picture (Jordan and Simon).