Cole Gets His Tonsils and Adenoids Out Aug 21, 2003
Room 632B, Children's Hospital Boston, 300 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
Home Again on Aug 22, 2003!


All About Tonsils and Adenoids

Mom Says: Hey everyone - We're home! Cole was discharged at around noon. We had to stay late because he just would NOT drink any fluids. He finally did, and off we went. Now that we're home he IS eating and drinking plenty, which is great,of course, but he will NOT take his medicine. We had a very hard time this afternoon trying to get it down (I'm not sure if we ever did) and I'm not looking forward to the battle every 4 hours. (He is to take Tylenol with Codein every 4 hours and Amoxicillan every 12). We're scheming clever way to sneak it in. He's not responding to logic or bribes.

Thank you all for the great gifts! Phil & Carol, he just loves the Thomas balloon and VERY soft leoard stuffed animal. Phil & Annette, he received your card and 'stickers' (which are actually tatoos!) and is having fun with those. Both he & Craig are all decked out. Mom - that book is WONDERFUL (How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?). You are all so thoughtful. Bubbe & Zadie, he can't wait to see you and play with you when you come up this week.

lotso love, Lauren