Dunn and Miller Family Genealogy (Part 1)
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Johnathan Ryder

Elmira Wheaton Richmond

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Jonathan Ryder
b. 4/17/1799 Rochester, MA d. 12/21/1875 Marion Plymouth co MA
buried Rochester Center Cemetery Lot 32, MA
Married Elmira Wheaton Richmond 1/25/1826 Rochester, MA
Elmira b. 1/19/1810 Rochester, Plymouth MA, d. 9/7/1888 Marion, Plymouth MA.
Father was Jonathan Rider, mother was Sarah Hammond
Elmira's parents were Josiah Richmond and Beulah Delano

Four Children:
1) Josiah Talbott Ryder b. 9/10/1826 Rochester MA d. 4/19/1893 San Francisco
   Married Caroline Burns 4/12/1860
   See below for Josiah details
2) Sarah E. b. 3/14/1830 New York d. 12/4/1911 Marion, Plymouth CO. MA
   Married William Perine
   had one son, George Richmond (died age 33 on 2/24/1882)
   Sarah, William, George: buried Rochester Center Cemetery Lot 31, MA
3) Royal S. b.July 1834 New York d. 4/14/1911 Marion, Plymouth Co. MA
   Married Priscilla Clifton
   Priscilla b. July 1849 Rochester Plymouth co. MA, d. April 1937 Marion, Plymouth co. MA.
   Royal and Priscilla lived in Marion and are buried there.
   They had 5 children, including: Myra, Alice A b. 1/17/1871, Delano b. 1/19/1873 and Clifton b 11/23/1874.
   Their son Delano R. adopted a son.
   Their son Clifton had a step-daughter, Betty Jane
   No known living descendents
4) Mary E. b. 12/17/1843 New York d. 11/1/1899 Allendale, Bergen NJ.
   buried Rochester Center Cemetery, MA.
   Married Peter D. Rapelje

Robert Royal Ryder

Josiah (Joseph) Burns Ryder

James Matthew Ryder

Loretta Crossland Ryder

Estelle Violet Ryder

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Josiah Talbott Ryder
b. 9/10/1826 Rochester MA  d. 4/19/1893 in San Francisco, CA
His father was Jonathan Rider and mother was Almira Wheaton Richmond
Married Caroline Burns 4/12/1860 St. Joseph's Church, Marysville, CA
Had eleven children, one of which was: Estella Violet Ryder
1) Robert Royal b. 1/31/1861 Benicia CA d. 9/10/1924 San Francisco CA
   buried Cypress Lawn, Colma
2) Thomas Talbot b. 9/5/1862 Benicia  d. 5/16/1864 San Francisco
   buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma
3) Josiah Burns b. 3/31/1864 San Francisco d. 1/21/1909 San Francisco
   prior to JB's death, he lived in Goldfield, NV
4) Carrie Elmira b. 6/3/1866 San Francisco d.5/15/1896 San Francisco of fever
   buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma
5) Joshua (twin) b. 5/9/1868 San Francisco d. 5/20/1868
   buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma
6) Mary Perine (twin) b. 5/9/1868 San Francisco d. 5/19/1868
   buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma
7) James Matthew b. 7/27/1869 San Francisco d. 5/26/1930
   Married Nelle E. (Helen) Anderson 4/15/1903 in Oakland
   Nelle divorced James to marry H. Arthur Dunn
8) Jonathan George b. 10/17/1874 San Francisco d. 9/1/1892 San Francisco
   buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma
9) Gertrude Lillian b. 3/17/1874 San Francisco d. 3/10/1880
   buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma
10) Loretta Crossland b. 2/17/1877 San Francisco d. 4/18/1964
   Married Edward A. Creighton 10/23/1905 San Francisco
   (see below)
11) Estella Violet b. 12/28/1878 San Francisco d. 2/8/1908 Goldfield NV
   Married Horace Arthur Dunn 3/7/1904

Josiah T. Ryder sailed to San Francisco, California on the ship Daniel Webster. He left New York on 3 Feb 1849 and arrived in the bay of S.F. on 21 July 1849. He never returned to NY or MA.

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Pacific Mail Steamship Co. dock 1864
Workplace of Josiah Talbott Ryder after moving to San Francisco
Also the workplace of John Creighton who worked as a boiler maker. John was the father of Edward A. Creighton
who married Loretta Crossland Ryder
see below
Photo from Peter Barnard, grandson of Edward & Loretta Creighton

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James Matthew Ryder b. 7/27/1869 in CA  d. 5/26/1930
Parents: Josiah Talbott Ryder and Caroline Burns
Buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, CA
   Married Nelle E. (Helen) Anderson 4/15/1903 in Oakland
   Nelle divorced James to marry H. Arthur Dunn, widower of James' sister Estelle.

The 1903-04 San Francisco City Directory lists James M. Ryder, showman (Jim Ryder was in vaudeville, as was his wife Nellie), living with brothers Josiah and Robert at 20 de Boom St. This house was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. Census 1910 San Francisco: lists James M Ryder married 8 years age 41, salesman in cigar store; wife listed as "Olive" or "Alicia E., age 26 born in CA, her parents born in Japan. [the year of marriage and age are appropriate for "Nellie", but the name and birthplace are questionable.]
Shown here at Tiburon beach July 1918 with Carol Creighton, Helen Glass, Estelle Creighton, Lucy Glass, Ethel Hind, and Dorothy Hind.

"Estelle Mary Creighton" was the third born child of "Edward" & "Loretta",she was born on Sept 30, 1910 in Marin Co,Calif and died of "Polio" on November 5, 1930 in "San Francisco". At the time of her death she was not married and had no children.

"Caroline Crossland Creighton" (Carol) was the fifth born child of "Edward" & "Loretta". "Carol" was born in "San Rafael", Calif, on March 28, 1914. On November 4,1940 "Carol" married "John (Jack) Ericson" at the "Carmel Mission", they had one child a daughter named "Robin Delano Ericson". "Carol" passed away June 4, 1996.

"Glass" and "Hind" families were probably neighbors of the Creightons.

Robert Burns b. 2/18/1812  d. 1878
b. Mabbott, Dublin, Ireland
Parents: Thomas Burns(Byrnes)b 1787 and Anne Morrison
Thomas Burns(Byrnes) parents John? Burns(Bynes) and Ann McVoy?
Married: Caroline Crossland 2/4/1834 Harmony Row, Dublin, Ireland
Two children: Thomas Burns and Caroline Carrie Burns
No Picture
Edward Byrne b. 1824 in Dublin, Dublin Ireland
Brother of Robert Burns (spelled Byrne in Ireland)
Parents: Thomas Burns and Anne Morrison

Caroline Crossland
b. 7/28/1811
Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Parents: Joseph Crossland and Mary Beckwith
Married: Robert Burns 2/4/1834 Harmony Row, Dublin, Ireland
Two children: Thomas Burns and Carolin Carrie Burns
   [no picture] Thomas Burns
b. 1/14/1835 Dublin
Parents: Robert Burns and Caroline Crossland

Caroline Carrie Burns
b. 1/9/1844 Orchard Street, NY  d. 1881 San Fransicso of pneumonia
buried Lauren Hill Cemetery, S.F,
body transferred to Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma 1939
Parents: Robert Burns and Caroline Crossland
Married: Josiah Talbott Ryder 12/4/1860 St. Joseph's Church, Marysville, California
Had eleven children, one of which was: Estella Violet Ryder
(see Josiah Above for list of kids)

Caroline Carrie Burns Ryder (see above)
With the three youngest of Josiah Talbott Ryder and her eleven children in 1879: Estella is the baby - left to right in the photo are Loretta, Carrie, Estella and Gertrude Lillian (who died the next year).
(see Josiah Above for list of kids)

Loretta Crossland Ryder Creighton
b. 2/17/1877 San Francisco d. 4/18/1964 San Anselmo at age 87
Parents: Josiah Talbott Ryder and Caroline Carrie Burns Ryder
Married Edward Aloysius Creighton 10/23/1905 San Francisco
Edward b. 5/28/1877 San Francisco d.8/3/1951 San Francisco
Edward and Loretta are buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma CA.
Edward was a "Marine Engineer, Steamboat" on the passenger ferry.

Photo was taken by Jack Ericson at Old St. Hilary's Catholic Church in Tiburon CA. Loretta Creighton is standing in front of the window that she donated to the church during it's refurbishing. Photo was probably taken during the late 50's or early 60's.

Loretta was one of the founders of the Marin Music Chest and the Belvedere-Tiburon Landmark Society. She was the first president of the Tiburon Mother's Club, which became the Tiburon Parent-Teacher's Association.

Each year, Cousin Caroline sends family health info to help us all! In 2004 it concerns Type 2 diabetes and A1C test results! Caroline's Grandmother, Aunt Loretta and our paternal Grandmother, Estelle Ryder were sisters! Here's Caroline's note: Chris (Caroline's 45 year old son: Andy, William T., Kenneth, Lauren, Philip. Maggie's generation) was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. We are hoping that with an improvement on his eating and exercise habits he will be able to keep it under control. He had a 6 on his A1C test. I had my first A1C test this year and it was a 5.9. I try to watch it because of our genes. Gram Creighton, my Mom (our Aunt Lorel Ryder Creighton), Ann and now Chris. With luck, knowing our family history will help us delay or avoid some of our family health problems. Caroline Barnard Sanders 9 December 2004 Then, on the back of this, she hand writes: "Lorel Creighton Barnard(Caroline's Mom) was diagnosed at age 60, Ann Barnard at age 50 and Chris is 45. At age 70, I seem to be avoiding diabetes so far."

Loretta "Lorel" Elmira Creighton

Evans Gilbert (Nipp) Barnard
Husband of Lorel

Estelle Mary Creighton

Allen James Creighton

John (Jack) Ericson
Husband of Caroline

Robert Dexter Creighton

Meriadney Jane Chesney
Wife of Robert

Children of Edward A and Loretta C. (Ryder) Creighton

1). Loretta "Lorel" Elmira Creighton b. 12/10/1906 Belvedere Ca; d. 10/23/1993 Monterey CA. Married Evans Gilbert (Nipp) Barnard 4/26/1933 at Tiburon CA.
Evans Gilbert Barnard was adopted in 1912 by Jacob Newton Barnard, his birth father (biological) was Gilbert Emanuel Nipp.
Evans b. 9/12/1902 at Old Moss Mill, near Anderson IN; d. 9/20/1993 Salinas CA.

Lorel was a member of the Daughters of California Pioneers and the Society of Mayflower Descendants. Evans served in the Navy between WWI and WWII. He owned Barnard Antiques on Cannery Row and Barnard Stationery in Carmel.

Lorel and Evans Barnard had 2 daughters, one was Caroline R Barnard Sanders and 2 sons, including Jonathan Barnard b 7/29/1938; d. 6/29/1992 and Peter G. Barnard.

2) Edward Ryder Creighton b. 8/10/1909; d. 1/19/1988 at San Matero CA. He married Viola curtin 12/26/1940 in San Francisco.

Children of Edward R and Viola Creighton included 2 daughters and 1 son, Ed creighton, b. 4/3/1943; d. 2/25/2006.

3) Estelle Mary Creighton b. 1910; d. 11/5/1930 in San Francisco of polio and is buried with her parents at Holy Cross Cemetary, Colma CA. . She was unmarried and was a student nurse.

4) Allan James Creighton b. 12/12/1911 at Sausalito CA; d. 9/27/1996 of injuries suffered in a car accident at Reno NV.

He married Dorothy Palin 7/18/1936 at Carmel Mission. Dorothy b. 9/19/1913 San Mateo; d. 6/28/2001 San Anselmo CA.

Al worked on the Northwestern Pacific ferry boats as a marine fireman. He also worked as a safety engineer for a San Francisco Insurance Company.

Children of Allen J. and Dorothy (Palin) Creighton were 3 sons, including David Creighton b. 3/28/1914, CA; d. 3/2/1982 at Fort Bragg, CA. David was survived by two daughters.

5) Caroline Crossland Creighton b. 3/28/1914 at San Rafael, CA; d. 6/4/1996 at Marin County CA. She married John Ericson 11/4/1940 at Carmel Mission. John Ericson b. 8/21/1912 in CA, d. 3/15/2008 in Larkspur Marin CA.

Carol graduated from the University of CA at Berkeley. she worked in the public health department of San Joaquin county and the State of CA.

Caroline C. (Creighton) Erickson had one child, a daughter named "Robin Delano Ericson".

6) Robert Dexter Creighton b. 1/25/1918; d. 12/24/1992 at Sacramento CA. He married 4/29/1943 Meriadney (Jane) Chesney. Jane C. Creighton d. 3/7/1990 at Placer Cty.

Bob graduated from College of Marin and the University of Oregon. During WWII he served in the Navy as an ensign in the South Pacific. He owned Ryder Cemicals in Berkeley and was a manufacturing chemist producing heavy industrial cleaning products for the airline industry. He retired in 1980 and moved to Foresthill, Placer County.

Children of Robert D. and M. Jane (Chesney) Creighton were 2 daughters.

Estelle Violet Ryder
b. 12/28/1878 San Francisco  d. 2/8/1908 Goldfield, NV
Estelle and her infant daugher, Estelle are buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma CA. Parents: Josiah Talbott Ryder and Caroline Carrie Burns Ryder
Married: H. Arthur Dunn 3/7/1904 in Los Angeles.
Two children: William Ryder Dunn and Horace Arthur Dunn Jr.

Estelle attended public schools in San Francisco and the Saint Mary's Hospital School of Nursing. She died in Goldfield NV, following the birth of a daughter (Estelle). Her funeral was in San Francisco.
[Note: aged 29 years]

Estella Violet Ryder

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H.(Horace) Arthur Dunn Biography
b. 6/18/1881 San Francisco d. 6/31/1936
Died in the Empress Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia,
having been there about 24 hours, of natural causes
listed as Myocarditis Artinae Sclerosis (heart failure).
Parents: Beattrice Kelly (b.1857 d.June 29, 1928)
and William Richard Dunn (b.Dec 28, 1854)
BK and WRD both born in San Francisco.
William Richard Dunn died of typhoid in Yokohama, Japan, in Nov 28, 1884.
1880 census, we have William Dunn and Beasia (Beatrice?)
with children William Louis (born 1877) and Mary A (born 1879).
HAD was born in 1881. HAD was May May's brother.

H Arther Dunn Married: Estella Violet Ryder Dunn 3/7/1904
Three children: William Ryder Dunn and H. Arthur Dunn Jr.
and Estella Retta Dunn who died as a baby.
Then after 1910, married: Nelle E. (Helen) Anderson (Granny) who had divorced
James Matthew Ryder (Estella's brother) to marry H. Arthur Dunn.
1910 census had HAD boarding in San Fran. occupation: journalist,
as a/the night editor on the SF Chronicle.
and his mother's place of birth Massachusetts.
The boys were listed as living with their grandmother, Beatrice Dunn
and Aunt, May Dunn Mayfield (and husband Charlie) in Suisun in 1910.
HAD in 1910 was listed as widower, so he and Nellie weren't married then.
1920 census the household consisted of HAD, Nellie, HAD Jr and WRD
HAD's occupation in 1920 was attorney - mother's place of birth S.F.
1930 census household was HAD, Nellie, and WRD-occupation electrical engineer.
HAD profession is listed as attorney on death certificate (1936).
wither his office was on Montgomery Street, or he represented people or firms
there; word in the family was that HAD was a 'Montgomery Street attorney'.
Residence: 311 California St, San Francisco, California.

Beatrice (Kelly) Dunn with children Willie (William Louis), Arthur and May

Willie (William Louis), Arthur and May Dunn Taken in San Francisco 1883
Willie about 6, Mary about 4 and Arthur about 2
William L. Dunn and his brother Archie, pictured in their office, purchased the Sacramento River News, established in 1890, from it's original owner D.C. Holt in October 1895. The Dunn brothers owned and operated the newspaper for only three years, but their biggest contribution in the history of the paper was that they changed it's name to the River News and converted it over to a short-lived tabloid size.

The Dunn's also had attended St Gertrud's Academy, in Rio Vista, CA

H.(Horace) Arthur Dunn Jr.
b. 11 Oct 1904 New York  d. 9 May 1945 in Washington, DC.
Parents: Horace Arthur Dunn and Estella Violet Ryder Dunn

He married Mabel Gertrude Mitchell. Mabel b. 10/23/1901 at Gridley CA; d. 6/4/1987 at San Francisco. Mabel remarried after H. Arthur Dunn's death. Her remarried name was Shurtleff.

H Arthur Dunn Jr. Alpha Chi Rho 1928 Picture

William Ryder Dunn
b. 10/03/06 San Francisco, California  d. 5/5/1971 Gualala, California
Parents: Horace Arthur Dunn and Estella Violet Ryder Dunn
Married: Louise King Miller June 24, 1934 in Los Angeles.
Four children: William Ryder Dunn Jr., Charlotte Mayfield Dunn, Philip King Dunn, Catharine Louise Dunn

William Ryder Dunn Alpha Chi Rho 1927, 1928 Pictures

William Ryder Dunn and Louise Miller Dunn's Family continued

Post card from William Ryder Dunn to Beatrice Dunn, his paternal grandmother.
HAD is 13 yrs old when writing this
Letter from H. Arthur Dunn Jr. to Beatrice Dunn, his paternal grandmother.
no picture
Estella Retta Dunn

b. Feb 8, 1908 Goldfield NV; d. Feb 15, 1908.
Parents: Horace Arthur Dunn and Estella Violet Ryder Dunn
Buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, CA.

Rev. James Russell Miller
married Louie King June 22, 1870 - see below
Children: Russell King Miller b. 5/10/1871
4224 Spruce St., Philadelphia
The home of James Russell Miller (our great-grandfather). Picture taken from across the street June 2007. Note it is a row house--attached to the house next door.
4224 Spruce St., Philadelphia
The home of James Russell Miller (our great-grandfather). Side view. Photo taken June 2007.
4224 Spruce St., Philadelphia
The home of James Russell Miller (our great-grandfather). Rear view. Photo taken June 2007.

Mrs. C. J. King (Catharine)
requests your presence
the Marriage Ceremony of her daughters
Hettie to Mr. Nelson O. Wilcox
Louie (Louise E.) to Rev. J. R. Miller
on Wednesday afternoon, June 22nd
at Three O'clock
Argyle, NY
click here for larger copy

Russell King Miller
b. May 10, 1871 d. May 9, 1939
Married: Emily M. Meyer Nov 22, 1899
Child: Louise King Miller
Letters to Louise from Russell King Miller 1931

West Laurel Hill cemetary, Philadelphia. It noted in Nana's diary that he was buried in the Mount plot. His sister, Mary, had married a Mount.   Russell King Miller was a music teacher in Philadelphia during the depression. He used to make a couple of bucks on weekends by playing the organ at the local jewish synagogue. Sometimes Russ Clausen would sit next to him on the bench as he played. Russ recalled once he left to go to the bathroom and walked across the foot peddles which made quite a loud, deep sound.

Julia and Philip Mount were Louise Dunn's cousins
(and perhaps Emma?)

West Laurel Hill cemetary, Philadelphia. Russel King Miller's sister Mary had married a Mount.

West Laurel Hill cemetary, Philadelphia. Philip King Mount was Russell King Miller's sister Mary's son (Louise King Miller Dunn's cousin).
Philip King Dunn (b. 1940) was named for him.

This is at 4521 Spruce--three blocks from the home of James Russell Miller. These must have been the duplexes of the time. The yellow side is 4521. It is the house where our grandfather, Russell King Miller, died. Per Nana's 1939 diary, they were renting a room there at the time. He died May 9, 1939--she had returned from staying with Mom and Dad (William and Louise Dunn) in Hermosa Beach to be with him at the end. I don't know what the deal was there. I think she had gone to take Buddy out. Anyone know?
Photo taken June 2007 by Kate Hull.

Amazingly, around the block, is 251 S. Mellville--which I found on a book owned by Russ (Buddy) Clawson which is where he lived with Nana and Oppi. The yellow house is 251. The chain link fence is at the back of 4523 Spruce (attached to 4521). I guess they never left the 'hood!! Photo taken June 2007 by Kate Hull.
Emily M. Meyer Miller (Nana)
b. 1870  d. 1943
Married: Russell King Miller Nov 22, 1899
Child: Louise King Miller
One son from previous marriage: Alex Wilson who married Peggy
Letters to Louise from Emily Miller 1942-1943

Louise King Miller Dunn
b. 3/22/1907 Philadelphia, PA  d. 4/19/1997 Pleasant Hill, California
Parents: Emily M. Meyer and Russell King Miller
Married: William Ryder Dunn June 24, 1934 in Los Angeles.
Five Children: Russell Miller Clawson (3/20/1926)
William Ryder Dunn Jr., Charlotte Mayfield Dunn, Philip King Dunn, Catharine Louise Dunn

William Ryder Dunn and Louise Miller Dunn's Family continued