The Adventures of Muffy and Morgan
4-5 Years Old

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"It was the beginning of January 2008 and Morgan said, "Look at the wonderful Christmas tree and ornaments that Muffy Purrington sent you Muffy. Aren't they beautiful and so festive?" Oatsie agreed.

"Oatsie, let's get you dressed for the party", said Morgan. "Help me with my hat please", neighed Oatsie.

Joshua said, "Let me help you with your Santa suit Muffy. Then you can say Ho Ho Ho!"

"How about if we make cakes for the party too?" suggested Morgan. "Want to help Josh?"

So Joshua helped with the cake. "Mmmm," he said.

After the party, Joshua climbed on the Kangaree climber in his room and went down the slide. One of his favorite things to do.

"It's Valentines Day", said Josh. "I love holidays!"

Morgan thought it would be a great idea to have a tea party with her dolls, so that is what she did. It's one of her favorite things to do.

"Where is the Tin Man?" Scarecrow asked Lion. "He's feeding Toto", replied Dorothy.

Morgan dressed all the Muffys and Pooh and then contemplated what to play. "It's March guys, let's have some fun!"

"Oatsie and Brownie ate Cherry Pie while the dolls slept. Morgan waited patiently for them to finish so she could feed the other Muffys.

"Sewing Muffy, we need to fix your bow", said Morgan.

"Beep" said Morgan as she boinked Hoppy's nose.

"It is SOO much fun playing with the Muffys", said Morgan.

"Let's rest" said Ball Masque Muffy. "Ok", smiled Morgan.

"At Easter time, Morgan, Josh and Lion went to Eden Prairie Mall and talked to the Easter Bunny. "I bet my friend Hoppy and you would have lots of fun together", said Morgan.

In June, Michelle cut her hair in preparation for Chemo. Everyone thought her haircut looked wonderful and Morgan and Josh cuddled with Mommy.

Morgan and Josh sat on the bench in Joshua's room and smiled so nicely that the picture just makes everyone who sees it smile too. What wonderful children they are!

Morgan love to play with her dolls and one of the most favorite games is Scooby Doo. Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, Velma and Daphne were always having adventures.

Morgan and Grandma would go to the library every week and besides getting books, would get puppets. Here the elephant puppet joins in the Scooby gang caper.

Morgan has a bin full of doll clothes and another game is the king and his two sons, the prince and his evil brother Dirk who always causes trouble.

On July 19, 2008 Shelly, one of Michelle's best friends got married. Morgan was the flower girl and Mommy was a bridesmaid.

Morgan and Mommy looked so beautiful and had so much fun being in the wedding.

"Oh Lion, you should have seen the ceremony!" laughed Morgan. I walked down the aisle too!

Then Josh and Daddy joined in the picture.

And, Grandpa and Grandma got into the great family picture. What a happy day it was!

Morgan loved blowing bubbles from the little bottle that all the wedding guests had. We wish Shelly and Brian great happiness at their wedding.

In August, Muffys enjoy playing A Day at the Beach with Morgan.

Hoppy and Muffys read Teddy Bear Picnic book from Muffy Purrington.

"Muffy" asked Morgan, "Do you want to see if you have any mail?
After that, you can go for an airplane ride. Maybe to CA to visit Muffy Purrington."

Hoppy likes the scooter. And visiting with all the other bear friends.

After Thanksgiving, Morgan and Grandma got out Muffy's Christmas decorations that Auntie Char and Muffy Purrington had sent before.

"I wonder what is in this bag, Grandma?" said Morgan.

"Welcome" said Grandma. "Now let's see what else we have."

"Lets put all these ornaments on the tree." said Morgan.

"Muffy, you and your sisters have to get dressed." Morgan said. You be Santa and..."

"You wear the winter sledding clothes." said Morgan.

"You can put on the Scottish Highland outfit." Morgan said.

"Josh, come see Santa Muffy" called Morgan.

"Cool" said Joshua. "Baa and Roar," said the library sheep puppet and Lion.

On December 5th, it was Grandpa's 68th Birthday. "Happy Birthday to Grandpa" sang Joshua.

"I love the cupcakes we picked out for you" said Morgan. "I like the reindeer ring on the chocolate one"

Grandpa and Joshua each had a cupcake.

Joshua liked the vanilla Snowman cupcake best.

On Dec 10th, Morgan, Josh, Lion, Grandma and great-Aunt Sharon went to see Santa's Workshop at Macy's.



Elves in their beds.

The Dining Hall

The singing Christmas trees.

"Jingle Bells" they sang, which is one of Morgan's favorite Christmas songs.

"Oh Lion, isn't Santa Claus Square just perfect?" asked Morgan.

All the furry animals!

"Josh look at the North Pole Postal Station," said Morgan.

"Balloon!" marveled Joshua.


The mail room.

So much mail

The bakery.

Reindeer Flight School

Teaching them to fly.

Elves making sweets.


Toys for everyone.

Busy Elves.


Ending with more singing trees, Sharon said, "Lets sing along!"

So we sang Jingle Bells again. What fun!

Christmas 2008 was at Morgan's house. Daddy made a birthday cake for Baby Jesus.

The cake is a snowman sledding down a hill between decorated Christmas trees.

Morgan posed with Tom her new lion.

She loved reading Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Daddy carved the turkey.

Mommy poured the drinks.

And, Grandpa helped.

Then it was time to open presents.

"Oh, it's Tinkerbell!" exclaimed Morgan. "Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!"

Mommy helped Joshua and everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

On January 13, 2009, it was Morgan's 5th birthday. She got a wonderful present from Auntie Char and Uncle Bruce.

"I wonder what it is?" asked Morgan.

"Look Grandma, it's a reversible Goldilocks and the Three Bears! This side is the bears..."

"...and this side is Goldilocks! What fun! Thank you Uncle Bruce and Auntie Char! I love them."

"Someone's been eating MY porridge." said Josh.

On January 15th, 2009, Morgan had her preschool birthday Party. "Look at the purple crown I made." smiled Morgan.

"Happy Birthday Morgan." sang Joshua.

All the children sat down and had birthday cupcakes.

Mrs. Dickinson lit the candles and everyone, including Lion, sang Happy Birthday to Morgan.

"I love these cupcakes." said Joshua. "And, I love coming to your preschool party!"

Mrs. Dickinson told everyone about Lion and what a good friend he was to Morgan.

After the party, everyone went to the dressup room. "Look at this pretty outfit Lion." Morgan said.

Morgan looked so beautiful in the pink hat. "This is one of my favorite pictures of you." said Grandma.

"Aww Thanks" smiled Morgan.

Then everyone went to the gym to play. Morgan loved to do this too. What a fun birthday.

When she got home from preschool, Morgan opened more presents at Grandpa and Grandma's house, while Lion read books.

Markers, crayons, paints and a princess activity pad. "Wow, thanks!" said Morgan.

On January 17, 2009, Morgan had her friends birthday party at Davanis Pizza Parlor.

All the kids got to play with pizza dough and tour the kitchen.

Everyone thought the pizza was delicious.

Grandpa and Joshua loved the party too.

Daddy and all the other parents hung out while the kids ate.

Pizza, juice boxes, princess coloring and puzzles. What more could kids want!

Morgan loved her birthday party!

So many presents!

"Time to open them." said Morgan.

The big orange one with stars first!

Mommy helped Morgan get the ribbon off.

"Let us see what you got" said all her friends.

"I love this home-made wrapping paper." said Morgan as she ripped it off the box.

"Fur Real!" smiled Morgan.

"Oh, Look what's in this brown present!" smiled Morgan as she ripped the wrapping paper.

"It's Arial!" Morgan said.

So many presents. Rip Rip Rip.

"This is a big one!" Morgan said.

"I love this blue paper..what's inside?" Morgan wondered.

"Yahtzee!" Morgan cried. "I love Yahtzee!"

"Look at the balloons Josh." said Grandma. Joshua loves balloons.

Then Mommy helped the children play Pin the Crown on the Princess. Daddy had traced Morgan's body and drew the life-sized princess Morgan.

Daddy and Josh watched as the children took turns.

Mommy gave out party bags to the children.

Everyone had a really fun birthday party.

"Look at all my fun presents!" exclaimed Morgan to her friend, as they both admired the gifts.

Grandma and Joshua thought so too. Happy 5th Birthday Morgan!