The Adventures of Muffy and Morgan
5-6 Years Old

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On March 2nd, 2009, Grandpa and Grandma went to Green Valley Arizona to visit Uncle Bruce and Auntie Char for Auntie Char's 73rd birthday. "Let's get the Muffys dressed for the party." said Grandma.

While Grandma dressed the Muffys, Auntie Char had fun with a wooden snake and PURR-C Purrington.

All the Muffy Purringtons were dressed and ready for the birthday party. Happy 73rd Auntie Char!!

The end of May and then again the beginning of June, Grandma, Morgan and Joshua went to the Children's Museum in St. Paul. Joshua loved driving in the Clifford truck.

"Oh Cleo, don't you love these bones?" asked Morgan. "Feed her another one Josh".

Look at this T-Bone sand box Grandma," said Morgan.

We all had taken the bus with Josh's Special Ed teacher and his fellow students. Lion especially liked to ride on a bus.

On June 9th, 2009, it was Morgan's last day at Preschool. Mrs. Colleen Bocchi and Mrs. Pam Dickinson said they would both sure miss Morgan.

Morgan said "I'll miss you too Mrs. Bocchi."

"And you too, Mrs. Dickinson! Thanks for all the fun years."

The classroom. Fond memories of a wonderful preschool that closed it's doors.

The art smocks and art drying rack. Many pretty paintings were done here.

The Birthday Wall.

The dress-up room and computer.

The kitchen. So much play food was mixed and served here.

The reading corner. Who doesn't just love books?

So many trucks.

And, so many toys and puzzles. Everything in its own place.

The piano that Morgan loved to play on. Lots of fun songs were sung here.

While Morgan was in her preschool room, Grandma and Josh spent lots of time in the Nursery room. Josh especially loved to play in this pink house.

Josh also loved to slide on the slide and crawl through the holes on the bottom.

So many toys to play with. He really liked the puppets too.

Mommy came to the farewell tea and got a flower from Morgan.

The children sang and danced for the mothers.

The children gave personalized quilts to Mrs. Bocchi and Mrs. Dickinson as thank you gifts.

This was the picture Morgan made for Mrs. Dickinson. It looked so nice made into a quilt.

And, this is the picture Morgan made for Mrs. Bocchi's quilt.

Later in June, Morgan and Josh spent the night at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Everyone loved when this happened and they both loved to wrestle on the bed.

They also liked to cuddle.

Best buds!!

Morgan is just the CUTEST little girl!

And Lion is her best friend. He loved spending the night at Grandpa and Grandma's too.

"I love you Lion." Morgan said.

On June 18, 2009, it was Joshua's 3rd birthday. "Look at the pirate ship and castle cake Daddy made," said Morgan.

Everyone watched as Mommy lit the candles and then everyone sang Happy Birthday to Josh.

The happy Neikirk family.

"Yay!" said Joshua. "Oh Lion" laughed Morgan, "Smile for all the cameras."

It was a hot day and there were water slides, pools, bouncies, and food for everyone. Morgan took advantage of the shade in the garage to eat her lunch.

And, drink lots of water.

Morgan studied the fun kids cookbook.

They both got out of their swim suits and decided to take a drive in Mogan's new Jeep. It came complete with a purple phone. Not a good idea to drive and talk on the phone at the same time!

In July, Morgan made a nest for the birds in an apple tree in Grandma's back yard.

"I just know they will love this nest." said Morgan.

On August 4th, 2009, Grandma, Morgan, Josh and Lion went to Como Park Zoo with Grandma's best friend Karen, her daughter Paula and her daughter Gabrielle. "Look at these pretty plants, Josh." said Morgan.

Morgan and Gabby loved the rocks and water in the Japanese Garden.

And they loved the Sparky the seal show.

"This Hopper ride is lots of fun Grandma!" smiled Morgan.

"Let's make cherry pies", said Morgan. "After all, it is my last day at Grandpa and Grandmas (Aug 28, 2009). Then I will start all-day kindergarten and I will learn how to read to you. I'm 5 1/2 already!"

"We have two pies", smiled Morgan. "Enough for a going away party. But don't be sad because I will come back and visit you and we can still play."

"Now the Muffys will play "Winter" and dress warmly", smiled Morgan. "Because Winter is coming soon. And, Lulu does so love her sled!"

Morgan and all the Scooby Doo gang had a tea party. She loves dressing up the dolls and having parties.

Morgan, Lion and Tom played in Joshua's room. They all like to climb and peek through holes.

Day care comes to an end. Everyone posed for the final group day care picture.

But we didn't take it too seriously, because we all knew we would still spend lots of time together. And, it was exciting that Morgan was starting kindergarten and Josh would be going to preschool.

One of the things we will miss is our outings to Eden Prairie Mall to play in the indoor playground. Maybe on the weekends??

On September 19, 2009, we all went to Keith and Laurie Meade's house in Rochester.

It was the wedding reception for their daughter Allison Meade and Jonathan Adams. They were married in Hawaii and will live there.

Allison is Mommy's first cousin.

They have a wonderful backyard that everyone loved.

Morgan loved to explore and there was lots of room to do so.

Joshua and Grandpa played with a penguin.

After running in the yard, Morgan had some cold sparkling pomegranate juice. "Oh, that tastes great!" she said.

On December 11th, Morgan came over to help decorate the Christmas tree.

Hobby Acres had the neighborhood Horse and Wagon ride.

"Fa la la la la" sang Morgan. She sat in the very front of the wagon and everyone sang Christmas carols. "Look how long my tongue is Grandma." laughed Morgan.

When we came back in, Morgan was really hot and tired. "Just let me get out of this snow suit." she said.

What we both needed to perk us back up was some hot chocolate and toast. "Ooh that's good!" said Morgan.

Then a little computer coloring rounded out the evening.

"Oh thank you Great Grandma Vera for giving us these wonderful Micky and Minnie Mice," said Morgan and Josh.

Micky Mouse for Josh...

And Minnie Mouse for Morgan.

"Let's dance Micky," said Josh. "One two two three."

After the dancing, Josh gave Micky to Grandpa, who was happy to hold him.

Lion and Ducky, both dressed in pink, watched the fun.

The stockings were hung on the staircase with care.

In hopes that Santa Daddy would bring great presents.

Morgan loved the Santa Bears and sat in line with them.

The Neikirks in front of their tree. Such a wonderful family!

Uncle Ron and Aunt Sharon posed by the tree.

Then it was Grandma's turn.

And Santa Morgan.

Isn't she cute?

Christmas is a special time for Santa Morgan.

Morgan loved opening presents and especially liked the Scooby Doo Match Game.

She got The Happy Hedgehog Band book from Uncle Bruce and Aunt Char.

The book came complete with mother and baby hedgehogs.

First Grandpa read her the new book.

Then Grandma read it to Morgan again. The hedgehogs helped read.

Mommy looked so pretty at the Christmas Party.

She LOVES Christmas!

Mommy also likes to open her presents and really liked the angel from Grandpa and Grandma.

"Ooohh, candy!" Mommy exclaimed.

"Thank you for coming to our house for Christmas," said Morgan happily. "We love to be with you and your family", said Grandpa and Grandma. "Merry Christmas 2009 Everyone!"

"Woof" said Jake, which means "I love Christmas too."

On Jan 13, 2010, Morgan turned 6 years old.

She had her party at Edenborough Park, which is an inside park with a huge climbing tree and 5 story jungle jim, a gymnasium with air filled bouncys and much more. Morgan loved dressing up as a pirate.

All her friends loved this place too.

Grandpa, Daddy, Morgan and Josh sat on the wall and looked at all the party stuff.

Josh loves to sit on Grandpa's lap. Sometimes all the children and noise scares him.

It was time for Pirate Castle cake and Pirate cookies. Daddy is such an artist for birthdays.

Morgan opened her presents as Mommy helped.

While Morgan and her friends climbed and played, Grandma and Josh had a giggle by the tree.

Morgan took a break from climbing and went to the gym with Josh. He loved being pushed by his big 6 year old sister. Happy Birthday Morgan!