The Adventures of Muffy and Morgan
6-7 Years Old

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On Feb 11, 2010, Morgan's kindergarten class put on the play Tikki Tikki Tembo.

The children made red hats and sang and danced.

Her hat had a big M for Morgan.

Josh sat on Grandma's lap to watch the show.

"I love your hat Morgan," said Josh.

"And, I REALLY liked your play!" Josh exclaimed. Mommy and Daddy agreed.

On March 18, 2010, it was GrandParents Day at Bloomington Lutheran School.

Morgan's kindergarten teacher is Mrs. Von Eschen.

"See this little block?" asked Morgan.

"I can make a whole string with them!"

Some of Morgan's favorite things are books.

First, Grandma read the Froggy book to Morgan.

Then Morgan read to Grandpa.

"You just sound out the words you don't know," said Morgan.

Grandpa loved to watch Morgan read.

All the children sat down and a helper played the guitar and sang songs.

Morgan loved to sing along.

Finally, Grandma and Morgan worked on the world puzzle.
What a fun time everyone had on Grandparent's Day.

On June 18, 2010 it was Joshua's 4th Birthday Party.
He is getting to be such a big boy!

Morgan especially loved the balloons.
She wore a sticker that said "I met a dairy farmer".

Grandma Sil really loved coming to Josh's birthday party.

There was so much excitement, that Josh just had to take a nap.
Grandma took him upstairs to bed.

While he slept, Morgan and Granny had fun with Shelly's newest baby.

Morgan was thirsty and got some water.

Then went upstairs to play with the Amusement Park that Grandma gave her.
This had been Mommy's when she was young.

Josh woke up and it was time to have cake. Grandma and Grandpa
brought egg salad sandwiches and strawberries too.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Josh.

Then Morgan helped blow out the candles.

Josh loved his cake.

He dug right in eating it.

"Yummy" he said.

"This is the best birthday cake I've eaten!" laughed Josh.

Then it was time to open presents. Grandma Sil, Mommy and Morgan
looked at some of the fun presents Josh received.

One present was his own lion! Morgan has a whole pride of them,
so now Josh had one of his own.

What is in this long colorful paper? Daddy helped Josh.

A Toy Story bat! Josh loved it. "Now open this one," said Daddy.

Morgan drew a castle for Josh for this birthday.
She is a great artist and loves to draw very detailed pictures.

Grandma, Josh and Jake laughed. "What a fun party!"
Happy Fourth Birthday Joshua!

On June 19, 2010 Morgan came to visit and celebrate Muffy's
birthday party. "We have to get ready," she said.

"Wake up Muffy. It's almost time for your party!"

Oatsie and Brownie wanted to get dressed up too.

"Blaaa" Morgan said as Brownie jumped over Oatsie.
"Neigh" both horses laughed.

Then when everyone was dressed and ready. Muffy had her birthday
party, complete with cake.

On Aug 28, 2010, Mommy, Daddy, Morgan and Josh went to the Renaissance Festival.

They rode on an elephant...


and rides.

Josh loved the big turtle.

What a fun family day it was!

Morgan got a butterfly painted on her face...

and looked SO pretty!

In the fall, Morgan started first grade! When she sings, everyone comes
to Living Hope Lutheran Church to hear her. Mommy and Daddy love
listening to her sing.

Grandpa and Josh enjoyed the program too.

One of her programs was for Christmas 2010. Grandma and Grandpa
thought Morgan and Mommy looked really pretty.

We all love you Morgan. You sang wonderfully!

Celebrating Christmas 2010 was again at the Neikirk's home.
Morgan reached to the top of the tree.

And got a candy cane. "Oohh I love these," she said.

Speaking of candy canes, Daddy used some for the sleigh on the birthday cake for Baby Jesus.

"I wonder what is in this pretty hat box present?" mused Morgan.

"I got lots of presents too!" laughed Josh.

"Time to eat," called Mommy.

And then it was time to open presents.

Morgan had such a big pile of presents. And she ate the candy cane
that she had pulled from the tree earlier.

Daddy helped Josh with his pile of presents. What fun!

While Uncle Ron and Aunt Sharon looked on, Grandpa and Josh
looked at the new book he got.

Grandpa read the new Dr. Seuss book, Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose.
Ron liked the story too.

"Oh look!" smiled Morgan, "I got a new sewing machine!"

Mommy and Daddy loved to see their children happy and liked having
Christmas at their home.

"I got a gift card from Ron and Sharon" said Morgan. "Thanks!"

"Look, it's a lion angel to paint!" said Morgan.

Grandpa and Grandma gave Morgan a fairy Mastermind game.
While Mommy read the directions, Grandma set up the game.

Then we went to the dining room to open more of Josh's presents
from Mommy and Daddy. "Heros of the Bible" said Morgan.

This one is Josheph and he also got Daniel and the lion.

Josh loved the lion and made it run around the table.

Josh got an ice cream scoop and stacks of colored ice cream and
cones from Uncle Phil and Auntie Annette from California.

Josh and Grandpa made a four scooper!

Uncle Ron and Aunt Sharon watched the fun.

Mommy said, "Thanks for coming and celebrating with us!"

Jake seconded that thought! He liked lots of people around too.

When Grandpa and Grandma got home, Grandma relaxed
by looking at all the wonderful Grandchildren pictures on the wall.
We love all seven grandchildren and love getting their pictures.

Then it was Morgan's Seventh Birthday on January 13, 2011!
She had her party at The Works in Edina and lots of friends came.

Happy Birthday Morgan!

They have fun mirrors, and a camera that distorts your faces.

Here's Morgan

And Grandpa and Grandma.

Morgan made her hand in the metal pegs...

and lifted her friend with the pulley and swing.

She loved the cranks and wheels...

and so did Daddy...

and Josh.

Grandpa liked the automatic bike.

Morgan took Josh over the the Digital Dance screen.

They could watch themselves dancing on TV.

And then Morgan and Mommy danced to the color wheel.

Morgan and her friends went to the big block room

and built lots of towers...

and fun stuff.

Then everyone went back to Morgan's birthday room...

and made their own Glow Dough.

Morgan made hers purple.

Each child could pick their own color.

Daddy watched while everyone listened to the directions on how
to make their Glow Dough.

Grandpa had a juice box and watched the activities.

Daddy made a Pink Panther birthday cake for Morgan.

He is certainly a cake artist!

Josh liked quiet time on Grandma's shoulder.

While the children ate cake and ice cream, Morgan opened her presents.
Happy 7th Birthday Morgan!