The Adventures of Muffy and Morgan
8-9 Years Old

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On Feb 26th 2012 Grades 1-2 sang at Living Hope.
Morgan looked so pretty and sang beautifully.

After the service, everyone goes for donuts and juice. "You were
great Morgan," said Daddy.

Joshua loves juice.

On March 5th, Michelle and two of her neighbors had a fun Tupperware Party.
Grandma and Morgan enjoyed it and Grandma Sil even booked one herself.

The weekend of March 9-11, Morgan and Joshua stayed at Grandpa
and Grandma's house while Mommy and Daddy went to a weekend conference.
Josh loves to visit and have snacks.

Josh really loves playing with the Morse Code key pads.

Morgan loved playing with the dolls, Muffy, the king/queen and the airplane.
Lion flew on the airplane tail.

The princess is the pilot.

"Time to get out now Muffy," said Lion.

"I love it here!" said Morgan. "Roar roar," agreed Lion, and Muffy just smiled.

Lion and Muffy piled on top of the King, because he was crabby.

Then all the other animals piled on too! "Let's squash the King," they laughed.

"On you all go," agreed Morgan.

"Too bad Kingy," said Morgan the candy lady, doctor, dentist, giant,
and princess. She plays many parts in our plays, which she
designs and directs and stars in. (He hates to be called Kingy!)

March 15, 2012 was Grandparent's Day at Bloomington Lutheran School.

Morgan is in 2nd grade and has a wonderful classroom.

They have a gum ball board for the books they read. Morgan loves to read.

Back wall of her classroom.

Her teacher's desk is at the back of the room.

Morgan eats lunch at her desk.

"I love Grandparent's Day," said Grandma. "We love to have you!"
smiled Morgan.

Grades K-4 sang for the grandparents.

Morgan was in the first row.

She is so pretty!

They had lots of actions with their songs.

And, ended one with waving red scarves as a surprise.

One of her projects was constructing a city.

She had to write about her Lion King city.

She built Mount Lion out of paper and cardboard.

Morgan is a GREAT 2nd grader and loves school.

Her teacher, Mrs. Bastion, said we were now going to play

We all had to guess what was being drawn/acted from Morgan's
vocabulary words.

It was now Morgan's turn to see her word.

She drew two girls.

"What do you guess it is?" asked Morgan. Her word was imitated.

"Great guess! I love this game." laughed Morgan.

Then Morgan read to Grandpa and Grandma.

Michelle and Josh join the Grandparents to watch the Grades 5-8 play,
Once Upon A Parable.

The kids were excited to perform. They had practiced for a long time.

The principal, Mr. Kurt Schmidt, introduced the play and thanked
the grandparents for coming.

The play was great. They sing and tell parables.

They had great props.

And fun costumes.

We all liked watching the play.

Josh had Grandma cover his ears and then took a short nap.

He woke up when the play was over and then sat on Mommy's lap.

After the play, everyone had cookies and juice.

On March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, Auntie Char, Auntie Kate and
Muffy Purrington were in New York City. Kate's UNM chorus sang
at Lincoln Center.

Muffy Purrington, decked out in a shamrock dress,
even met a Leprechaun!

March 28, 2012 was the Bloomington Lutheran School Science Fair
and 2nd Grade Presentations. Grandpa and Grandma loved coming
to these and were judges for the Science Fair. Grandpa judged 8th
grade and Grandma judged 6th grade.

Morgan played outside on the playground for recess before the
presentations. She wore a really pretty purple jacket.

Grandma looked at the hat Morgan was going to wear and the children
all got into their costumes.

Grandpa watched as Morgan finished her work. He got the helmet
Morgan is wearing from a friend when he was in the Air Force.
It is an authentic helmet like one Amelia Earhart could have worn.

Mommy and Josh came to see Morgan's presentation.

Josh and Grandpa hang out watching the presentations.

Morgan was Amelia Earhart and made a beautiful story board about her.

Morgan told the story of Amelia Earhart and talked about her helmet
and radio cord.

She did a spectacular job and looked very authentic.

"I salute you Grandpa," said Morgan Earhart.

Her friends did a great job too. Grace was Helen Keller.

Abby was Dolley Madison.

Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Josh took a nap on Grandpa's lap while Mommy and Grandpa
discussed the presentations. Everyone had fun!

On March 29th, Morgan's class had a field trip at the Minnesota
Landscape Arboretum to see how maple syrup is made.

Here's how you drill into the tree.

It was Morgan's turn.

"This is fun!" said Morgan as she turned the drill.

Then they all went into the classroom to hear more about making
maple syrup. What an interesting field trip.

Morgan's school project was to send Flat Morgan somewhere
and make a book of her adventures. Flat Morgan went to AZ
to visit Char, Bruce and Muffy Purrington. She posed with Muffy
in her Valentine's dress and her cousin Melba in St. Paddy's Day
dress next to the leprechaun.

Next, Flat Morgan went to see the play that Auntie Char and
Uncle Bruce starred in. "What a beautiful set," exclaimed Flat Morgan.
Char played Mrs. Hedges and Bruce was Ed Devery, the lawyer.

In May, Muffy went on vacation with Grandpa and Grandma and
visited Muffy Purrington in Green Valley, Arizona. She had her baking
dress on and wanted to look in the Cat cookie jar in Auntie Char's
kitchen. "Maybe we can bake something," she thought.

"What do you think?" Muffy asked Muffy and Melba Purrington.
"We have just eaten and are too full for baked goodies," they said.
"Did you know that Flat Morgan was just here for a visit?" they asked.
"Yes, I heard you had fun," said Muffy.

"Ok," said Muffy. "I think I'll just take a nap then." She put on her
jammies and took a nap in the guest room.

When Muffy woke up, she put on her bathing suit and decided to
take in a little AZ sun. She put on sun screen and then laid out on
the lounge chair on the patio.

She looked at the cactus and decided that looked like a great place
to get extra sun.

Then, she saw the hedgehog statues and loved them. "I'm going to
move over there," she said.

All that sun made Muffy very thirsty, so she changed into her
lemonade dress and cooled off.

"I think I need to get higher to see the view of the blackbird next
across the golf course." Muffy climbed up onto the high table to finish
her lemonade.

Then she went inside and put on her summer dress with hat and went
to visit the Indian doll on the fireplace. He told her all about living in Arizona.

Muffy walked over to Char's piano and looked at the music. "This
looks like fun," she said.

Being musical, Muffy played a little Chopin piano concerto, which
everyone enjoyed immensely.

Peter Rabbit and all his friends had a reception for Muffy after the
concert. "We loved hearing you play and love having you visit," they all said.

Then Muffy went into the kitchen, where she saw the auto picture
frame that showed many pictures of the kids from CA. "What fun
that we will be visiting them soon!"

Grandpa showed Muffy the bottle of glue that he was using to get
cactus prickles out of his hand. He brushed against a cactus and it
took him hours to get the prickles out. "I'm sorry it hurt you," said
Muffy. "You really have to be careful around those cactus plants,"
answered Grandpa.

Muffy Purrington came out to talk with Muffy and Auntie Char, who
was cooking in the kitchen. "Maybe next time I can come and visit
you in MN," said Muffy Purrington. "That would be nice," said Muffy.

Muffy visited Purr-C in her cat condo to say goodby. "We have to
leave soon, but it was really a fun visit." said Muffy. "Purrr," replied
Purr-C, which meant "It was nice having you!".

Grandpa, Grandma and Muffy drove to Yuma to visit some friends.
They had a pool and hot tub, so Muffy immediately put her bathing
suit on and enjoyed the wonderful weather by the hot tub.

"It is over 100 degrees outside, but the water and umbrella keep me
cool," said Muffy. "I love it here!"

"I think I'll lay by the pool and flowers," Muffy mused. "They are
really colorful and they also cool me off."

After a few days, Grandpa, Grandma and Muffy drove to Fountain
Valley to visit the relatives there. Muffy took some time to read on
Aunt Vicky's patio, which was nice and quiet.

Then, she went exploring around the flowers beside the pool. "They
smell so sweet!", she said. "I just love the purples and pinks."

"I just can't resist a nice swimming pool," said Muffy. "I think I will
get some sun and have a little swim later."

When Muffy came in, she put on a really nice dress and admired
Vicky's inside plants. "There are so many beautiful plants around
here, I can't decide which is my favorite."

Tia Vicky showed Muffy one of her favorite books, which Muffy
also liked. "This Indian dress is wonderful. I bet my Indian friend at
Auntie Char's house would like this too!" thought Muffy. "I especially
like the fringes."

Muffy got hungry and decided to have a little fruit. "I love bananas," she said.

After her snack, Muffy watched a little TV while everyone else went
shopping for a new computer.

The next day, Tia Vicky said, "Good Morning Muffy! Grandpa is
going to set up my new laptop. Would you like to watch?"
"Yes, please," replied Muffy.

Grandpa explained to Muffy what he was doing to install the new
computer they had bought the day before. "Very interesting," said Muffy.

On May 25th, in honor of the world Olympics, Bloomington Living
Hope Lutheran School hosted their very own Olympics for the
annual Track and Field Day. All students, Kindergarten through
6th grade, were placed on a team. Their 7th and 8th grade
leaders created a team flag and everyone wore team t-shirts.
Olympic and country trivia was gathered. What an exciting day!

Morgan's country was Belgium and her t-shirt was yellow.

Her second grade class looked so colorful in their country t-shirts.

Morgan and her team had jump ropes.

"This is fun," said Morgan

"I love jumping rope!

In Oct, Morgan and Josh came to visit. Morgan loves to read and
enjoyed a Family Circle magazine.

Josh loves to play at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Grandpa and Grandma got a new Yamaha Electronic Piano and
Morgan came for a weekend on Oct 12-14 to see it and learn to play too.

She also had to do some homework before playing.

She jumped into the big box of packing peanuts and had lots of fun.

Being goofy, Morgan put a box on her head.

"I think I will bury myself," she said.

Only a voice said, "Bet you can't see me!" And she was right.

"Now for a soft nap," she said.

"It's fun to stay at your house," laughed Morgan.
"We love to have you here!" answered Grandma.

The next morning, Morgan, her lions and the King/Queen/Knight in
Shining Armor had a tea party. Morgan poured the tea.

Tom, Lion and the other lions like to play here too!

Morgan laughed as she was about to stuff Kingy into a tea pot.

On Oct 21st, Michelle had her first USBorne book party. Morgan drew
a picture of the USBorne duck and posed with a duck and her picture.

Michelle had many sample books displayed and Morgan looked at
them while having a quick snack.

Michelle makes her presentation and tells about her online site

Jameson had sent Flat Stanley to Minnesota and he posed with the
Neikirk family. Morgan was happy to hold Flat Stanley, because she
had sent Flat Morgan to Purrington's in Arizona when she was in
the second grade and knows how fun it is to get the pictures and story back.

On Nov 3, 2012 Grandma had a book party at her friend
Dorothy's house. Mommy and Morgan posed with Grandma
on her 60th birthday.

Michelle made a cake and chocolate ducks for Grandma
for her birthday as part of the book party food.

On Nov 18, 2012 Morgan and her friend Abby had a party at Build a Bear.

Lion really liked the hot chocolate.

Dec 15, 2012 Grandpa's sister Kate visited. Morgan showed Kate
some of her drawings.

Morgan loved having Kate at her house and Kate enjoyed seeing
all the Neikirks again. Last time she saw Morgan it was at Morgan's
baptism in 2004.

"I love this Pirate book," said Morgan. "Aarrggg," said Kate!

While Morgan and Kate talked, Grandpa and Joshua talked at the table.

On Dec 16th, Morgan came to Hopkins for the annual sleigh ride.
She especially likes the two big horses.

Dashing through the snow in a TWO horse open sleigh (or wagon)!

The hay wagon is decorated with many Christmas lights and is very
festive against the white snow.

The treats were yummy!

Santa came too and gave all the children candy canes.

Morgan and Aiden (grandson of Grandma's friend Dorothy) liked
the ride. And Morgan liked the candy cane!

"It's sort of cold," said Morgan as she warmed her nose in her jacket.

Muffy and friends gathered around Muffy's tree.

Santa Muffy said "Ho Ho Ho!"

Tyrolean Muffy posed with her Tyrolean ornament.
"We match!" she laughed.

There are many Muffy ornaments sent years ago from Muffy Purrington.
All the Muffys love these colorful ornaments.

Morgan came over and had a nice party with the Muffys.

"And a Ho Ho Ho to you too!" said Morgan to Santa Muffy!

On Dec 22nd, Morgan sang in her Christmas Program at Living Hope Church.

Morgan learned lots of wonderful songs for the program.

They clapped and were happy.

A wonderful family picture by the tree.

Grandpa and Grandma got in the pictures too!  

And another great picture by the lobby tree.

Merry Christmas Morgan!  

We Love You!

On Christmas Day Morgan said, "At last more Ken dolls."

"He's got neapolitan hair!" laughed Morgan.

"Cozy new slippers," said Morgan.

"Toto from the Wizard of OZ" smiled Morgan.

Josh looks at the new OZ book.

Grandpa read the Wizard of OZ to Josh.

Morgan also reads a Christmas book.

And plays with her new toy from her friend Abby. It talks and sings
and dances on command!

Mommy wraps Abby's present from Morgan.

While Daddy whips up potatoes for dinner.

"What a Hooting Great Christmas!" said Morgan.

"We think so too!" agreed Grandpa and Josh.

For the Vikings vs Packers playoffs, Daddy made airbrush
nails for Morgan of the Vikings colors.

The thumb had the helmut. It was so cool!

And the others were Viking color swoops.

Daddy AirBrushed the girls at Morgan's 9th birthday party on Jan 12th.

First, he puts down a base of colors around their face.
Abby chose pinks and purples.

Mommy and the other girls watch.

Then, Daddy uses stencils to add details like stars, spots and flowers.

McKenzie wanted a base of green/blue/yellow.

McKenzie then got the really cool accents added.

Grace wanted to be a Leapard.

She had spots and color all over her face and looked wonderful!

Mattie had gorgeously painted stars in the prettiest colors.

Mattie and Abby wanted to look the same.

McKenzie started with the normal stencil...

Then Daddy added some flowers just to round out the look.
She was so pretty!

Abby said, "Look at me!". Morgan said, "You look great Abby!"

Stars for a star friend.

Morgan was the only one who didn't have the background paint.
She just wanted a large blue dolphin!

All five girls posed on the treadmill. Daddy did an excellent job
of airbrushing everyone!

Josh watched and thought everyone looked great.

The girls exercised and loved all the equipment in the room.
Grace liked the weight machine.

So does Morgan.

"I can hang upside-down," laughed Morgan.

"Look at me!" she said as she flipped over.

"I want to try too" said Abby.

"And me!" laughed Grace.

Mattie watches as Morgan and Grace run on the treadmill.

Josh watches.

Josh wrapped himself in the yoga mat. "This is fun" he said.

While Morgan and Grace treadmilled, Abby did chin ups
and Mattie used the stair stepper. They all loved the exercise room.

Next, Josh built up his muscles with the dumbbells.

Grace lifted weights and laughed as she peaked through the holes.

This year for Morgan's 9th birthday, Daddy made a lion cake!

While Mommy got Morgan's birthday crown, she put candles on her lion cake.

Daddy fixes the mane frosting while everyone else watches
Morgan finish the candles.

Abby and Mattie think this is a great cake!

Mommy lit the candles and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Morgan.

"Mmmmm this cake is delicious," smacked Josh.

Next they played Pin the Nose on the Snowman. Mommy helped
while McKenzie played the piano while waiting her turn.

Abby pinned the nose...

...on the snowman's eye! "It's hard being blindfolded," she laughed
when she saw where she had pinned it.

"This is a fun game," Morgan said as she walked past the finished snowman.

Next they were going to dip pretzels in chocolate. "Look at all these
chocolate colors," they said.

Grace watches as Morgan opens the bags and Daddy puts the
chocolates into glasses to melt.

Mommy tells them how to cut out parchment paper to hold the pretzels.

There were five different colors of melted chocolate.

The dipped pretzels were really colorful.

Some even decorated them with sprinkles.

"This is really great!" they all said. What a fun, yummy party idea!
When they were done, they put their pretzels in party bags to take home.

Now it was time to open presents. "I'll open the one from my
neighbor Abby first, cause she couldn't come to the party," Morgan said.

"Oh, it's an easy bake oven!"

Abby, Mattie and Grace thought that looked like fun.

Morgan opened the next card. "I always read the cards before
opening the presents, because then I know who gave it to me," said Morgan.

"I wonder what this is in such pretty pink paper?" said Morgan.

It was a new game called Operation.

Next she opened her presents from McKenzie.

She got some new books.

And new pink fuzzie slippers!

A huge Barbie coloring book.

And a plate making kit. "I love projects like this," Morgan said. "Thanks!"

What a happy 9th birthday party this was.
Morgan is so wonderful and has great friends.

On January 19th, 2013 Pete donated his airbrushing to the Cancer
Benefit for Abby Olson, a third grader in Josh's school.
Abby liked her tattoo.

Michelle and Morgan's hands with fingernails spelling AbbyStrong.

They had carnival games for prizes. Morgan helps Josh golf.

After showing him how to hold the club, Josh hits the ball.

"That's really great Josh," said Morgan. "Good job!"

Morgan in her hard hat.

Morgan's school musical was on March 14, 2013 and was called,
The Amazing Jerusalem Makeover. She called me the day before and
asked if I would come to her practice, which I did. Grades 1-4 sang
wonderful songs about rebuilding Jerusalem and then Morgan's class,
the construction workers, walked on stage and loaded ´┐Żbricks´┐Ż to
rebuild the wall. Then on the 14th, Grandpa and I went to see the
real production in the afternoon. As usual, Morgan was wonderful!
It snowed and was terrible weather, so they postponed the evening

It was Grandparent's Day at Bloomington Lutheran School on
April 18, 2013. First, there was entertainment in the gym. The band
played, Joyful Noise Choir sang and then K-4th grade kids sang.
Then the kids and grandparents went to the classrooms. Morgan's
third grade teacher, Mrs. Feare had everyone play a spelling word
bingo game. The winners got candy. Then we all went back to the
gyn for the play " Big Bad Wolf" by grades 5-8. Morgan sat on
Grandpa's lap and they mugged funny faces.

The kids signed their card to the grandparents.