The Adventures of Muffy and Morgan
6 - 9 Months Old

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Now that Morgan is eating solid foods, she invited Muffy out to her high chair to join her in a meal. Muffy was sure to wear a big bib - one of Morgan's - so that she wouldn't get food on herself. Yummy, Morgan said smacking her lips. I just LOVE carrots. Sweet potatoes are my second favorite! And yogurt with rice cereal is tops for breakfast! And, Morgan continued, I just love my new plastic bibs. They are so colorful and keep all the food off my clothes. The new sippy cup is fun too. Be sure you try using that when you want a drink.

But, watch out for those peas, Morgan warned. Sometimes they sneak them in to the mix and then all you can do is spit them out forcefully so they get the message that you really don't like them. Grandma let Muffy try some of the carrots that Morgan was eating. Oh Morgan, you are right, these carrots are delicious! cried Muffy. Grandma, can I please have some more? asked Muffy. Sure, said Grandma. And do you know what... Grandpa made some home-made carrots for Morgan. I'll let you try some of those too. Goody said Muffy.
Morgan took her first bath in Grandma and Grandpa's big bath tub on Aug 4, 2004. Mommy and Daddy had supplied all sorts of fun bath stuff - a big orange fish to sit on, bath toys, a sprayer, and more. Muffy came along to see the fun. She also took her clothes off, in case she could join Morgan in the tub. What fun they had playing with the floating fish toys. Morgan felt like such a big girl in the big bathtub! Just look at my new toys, Muffy. said Morgan. Oh Morgan, can I play with them too? asked Muffy. Sure, said Morgan, I'm happy to share my toys and my bath with you.
On Aug 6th, Mommy, Grandma, Morgan and Muffy went to the Uptown Art Fair. What fun they all had. Morgan wore her orange shorts and red/orange striped tank top and of course her favorite flowered hat. Her bib said 'Spit Happens' which everyone loved and some strangers even took pictures because they thought it was SO cute. Muffy wore her bumble bee jumper complete with stinger and wing hat. Oh Muffy, what a unique outfit you have on. It fits right in with the art fair motif. said Morgan. The crowds were huge and the weather was wonderful. What more could a little girl and her bear want for a day out?
Muffy, isn't this fun? giggled Morgan. Oh, yes, buzz buzz smiled Muffy. Morgan gave Muffy a huge hug, just for the fun of it. All the girls shopped for hours, walked a lot, and generally just had a great day out. This was Muffy's first outing outside of Grandma and Grandpa's house and she just loved it. We have to do more of this Muffy said. Well, yes we do, agreed Grandma. When they all got back to Grandma and Grandpa's house, Muffy and Morgan were so tired out. They both slept really well that night. But, what Muffy dreamed of was wearing her new outfit, complete with furniture, that she got in the mail from Muffy Purrington. I just can't wait, she murmured as she drifted off to sleep.
It was Morgan's 7th month birthday party on Aug 13, 2004. The night before, Muffy organized the party including practice singing by all the crib friends. This went on till late at night until Grandma said enough already. So the next morning, Muffy was so tired that she was taken by surprise when Morgan arrived. Muffy was still in her Pajamas! But that didn't dampen the party any. Everyone was SO HAPPY and had such a great time that they all said We have to do this again next month! Morgan happily agreed and said Oh, Muffy, you really outdid yourself this month! The singing was wonderful. Especially the song that goes - Good Morning To You, Good Morning To You, We're All In Our Places With Bright Smiley Faces, Oh This Is The Way To Start A New Day. Thank you all so much! Muffy blushed and said Grandma taught us that one and said this is what your Mommy used to sing in her day care. I'm so glad you liked it!

Muffy got a new purple velvet dress and wanted to show it off. She had beautiful white bloomers with purple ribbon and lace to wear underneath and a white lace collar centered with a flower and pretty white cuffs. Since Morgan came dressed in a lacey purple blouse and purple skirt, they convinced Grandpa that this was a great photo opportunity. Ok, said Grandpa, You two just look pretty and I'll take the picture. Morgan laughed and said Grandpa, we ALWAYS look pretty no matter what we are wearing. Grandpa had to agree.

Grandpa got Morgan laughing so much that it made everyone laugh. What fun we are having today, said Morgan. Muffy said, I've been looking at your purple socks and they sure are soft. I wish I had some socks like that too, but I guess these purple shoes look better without socks anyway. Morgan was still laughing and put her hand on Muffy's shoulder and giggled Oh Muffy, when Grandpa and Grandma sing the ABC song, it just tickles my tummy! How about you? Yes, Muffy said, That is funny.
Then, Morgan and Muffy went into Morgan's room to play. One of her favorite things to play with is her name puzzle bench. I just love to chew on the letters said Morgan. It helps to push through my new teeth. I already have one through now! Morgan and Muffy sat on the floor in front of the bench and just sort of relaxed before playing some more. Grandma, will you read us some books later also?, asked Morgan Of course I will, said Grandma. We'll read your favorites: the Tails book and Shapes For Lunch, the Patterns book, the Winnie the Pooh and Friends book and the My Roses book. Muffy said, And will you read Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle too please. Sure said Grandma, Morgan likes that one too.

Morgan and Muffy always saw Grandpa working on the computer, so one day they asked him if he could show them what was going on. Sure said Grandpa, I will be happy to show you the computer. Always glad to start a new generation of computer knowledge. So, Morgan and Muffy sat on Grandpa's lap and were really excited about the new lesson. Oooh, I do so hope I can do this myself one day. said Muffy. Morgan agreed, but knew that she would be able to with no trouble and that one day Mommy and Daddy would buy her her own computer.

Now pay attention Muffy, instructed Morgan. This is important and fun and even if you don't understand all of it, it sure is fun to hang out with Grandpa anyway. Grandpa said, What we have up here right now is a stock portfolio. Perhaps that isn't the best place to start, but it's what I work on every day when you come to visit me in the computer room. Morgan and Muffy concentrated very hard. Morgan was going to ask, How do you like my Minnesota Wild Hockey outfit, Grandpa?, but she thought she would save that for another discussion.

On Sept. 3, 2004, Grandma, Mommy, Morgan and Muffy went to the MN State Fair. This was Morgan and Muffy's first look at live farm animals and what fun they both had. Real Cows! That said Moo! Grandma and Mommy both sang Old McDonald Had a Farm and could fill in all sorts of animal noises. There were cows, pigs, horses, dogs, birds, and even lamas.

And, of course there were also sheep that went Baa. Morgan had on her new pink gingham dress and Muffy wore her blue gingham jumper. They looked like twins! And were the sheep ever impressed! Maay how pretty you aall look, said the sheep. Thank you, said Morgan and Muffy in unison. And you look nice all sheered too! Thaanks, baa'd the sheep.

Muffy wanted her picture taken with the sheep all by herself, so she could put that picture in her travel scrap book. Oh, look at me! Muffy exclaimed. I just love the State Fair and having an outing too! There are so many people here and so much to see, I don't know what I like best. Whaay wee are the best here. said Baary the sheep. Morgan giggled and Muffy replied, Well, I'm sure that's true Baary. Thanks for pointing that out. And off the girls all went to see the rest of the fair.

After hours of walking and taking it all in, everyone was hungry and very thirsty, so Grandma, Mommy, Morgan and Muffy took a food/drink break. While Mommy and Grandma tried some State Fair goodies, Morgan was happy to stick with her well-loved bottle, although she did try some of Mommy's Italian meatball sandwich. Muffy tried some of Grandma's steak and onion sandwich too, but was mostly thirsty. The cold water really hit the spot.

On Morgan's 8th month birthday, Grandpa, Grandma, Morgan and Muffy went to the park. It was over 80 degrees outside, sunny and very windy, so the walk was fun. Grandpa let Muffy ride on the top of the stroller so she could see better. I just love the neighborhood. Muffy said. The houses are all so pretty and well kept up and there are so many big trees.

When they got to the park, Morgan and Muffy wanted to go down the slide together. Now hold onto my hand Muffy, said Morgan. Then you won't fall down. This playground has lots of fun stuff to climb on and ride on and I especially just love to play with the little river rocks that are on the ground around the playground. Muffy held Morgan's hand and they both went down the slide. Whee! cried Muffy. This is sure a fun way to spend your birthday! Can we go on the swings next, Grandma? Sure, she replied.

Morgan went on the swing first and Grandma held Muffy so they could see each other. Morgan loves to swing and laughs the whole time. This is SO fun Muffy, you have to swing too! cried Morgan.

So, Grandma put Muffy on her own swing and they both had a ball swinging and laughing. Push me higher, said Muffy. Me too Grandma, said Morgan. Ok, you two. Here you go. said Grandma as she pushed them both higher. Then, Grandma, Grandpa and Muffy sang happy birthday to Morgan.

On Sept 24, 2004, Grandpa, Grandma, Morgan and Muffy went to an outdoor concert at Orchestra Hall of the Minnesota Orchestra. The music was wonderful and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. This was Morgan and Muffy's first orchestral concert. The program included Strauss waltzes, Brahms' Hungarian Dances, Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever, and more, under the baton of Music Director Osmo Vanska.

Muffy wore her purple musical soiree dress for the occasion and Morgan wore a purple outfit and her new pink jacket, because it was chilly. Ohh, I do so love the orchestra. said Muffy. Morgan was enthralled and she even sang along with some of the music. This is fun! Morgan exclaimed.
Muffy's sister Muffy Purrington sent a present that made Muffy SOOO happy. The letter that came with it read:

Happy October, my Muffy Cissy! Here's your Halloween sweater. Happy trick or treating! Give Morgan a big hug for me... I'll bet she's grown a LOT since I've seen her!

Love Muffy Purrington

P.S. Here's the night cap that goes with your jammies. We love the musical soiree chapter!!!

Muffy couldn't wait for Halloween to wear her new sweater. Help me put this on Morgan, pleaded Muffy. So, Morgan helped Muffy with her sweater and they both thought it was beautiful! I'm going to wear this for the rest of the month! exclaimed Muffy.

On Morgan's 9 month birthday, October 13, 2004, Muffy and Morgan just had a ball playing in the crib with Morgan's new puppet friends. The king, queen, knight and dragon all loved the birthday party. I am the Queen of this castle, sang Morgan.
And everyone agreed.

Muffy was still in love with her pumpkin sweater. Grandma, take a picture of me and my sweater so my Cissy, Muffy Purrington, can see me in it, said Muffy. So Morgan helped Muffy up on the crib rail for the picture. What fun they had.