The Adventures of Muffy and Morgan
9-12 Months Old

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It's Halloween 2004 and Morgan got a cute new duck costume. Since Halloween is on Sunday, Mommy brought the costume on Friday so Grandma, Grandpa and Muffy could see it. Morgan loved trying on her ducky and Muffy just loved it too. Oh, Morgan, Muffy exclaimed, You look so CUTE and CUDDLY. Now you are furry like me! And I love the Quack Quack on the feet!

Morgan and Muffy sat on the sofa and talked about Halloween and when Morgan would be old enough to go Trick or Treating and actually eat the candy that she got. I'll share it all with you Muffy, said Morgan. Oh thank you. That is so generous of you. said Muffy. And Muffy, continued Morgan, your pumpkin outfit is tops with me. Muffy just beamed.

Muffy's sister Muffy Purrington sent another present and Muffy was thrilled to receive it. The letter that came with it read:

My dear Cissy Muffy Dunn,

Your Mamma is about to celebrate her birthday and I thought you might like to have this sweet robe and slippers set. You can model it for her. It is very feminine and should go nicely with Morgan's wardrobe too.

And... here is Lulu Two! Remember when this little Lulu lived with Weezie? Weezie kissed this little dog every day! Maybe you can do it too!

With beary big hugs,

Muffy Purrington

It was Election Day, Nov. 2, 2004 and Morgan went to the polls twice; once with Daddy and Mommy and once with Grandpa and Grandma. Morgan showed Muffy and Lulu her I Voted stickers and also admired Muffy's new robe outfit. It sure is nice of Muffy Purrington to send you such pretty new clothes, remarked Morgan. And we all sure love having Lulu here too! Ruff, said Lulu happily. Muffy returned the clothes complement to Morgan by admiring her red white and blue outfit and then said, Thank you Cissy P., Happy Birthday Mamma Bear and congratulations George W. Bush on your re-election.


This is Morgan's first Autumn and first look at how leaves turn colors and fall off the trees. Some days it just rains leaves and Grandma and Morgan go outside to watch the show! What fun it is to jump and walk in piles of colored leaves. Morgan was also impressed when the City of Hopkins trucks came and hauled away all the leaves. What a show!

Fall is definitely here in MN and Grandma and Morgan were outside playing with the leaves. Muffy and Lulu were inside taking a nap, so they didn't come along. Morgan just loved the leaves and the wonderful fall colors. I'm going to take this pretty yellow leaf inside to show Muffy and Lulu said Morgan.

In November, it was Morgan's 10 month birthday and Mommy wanted to be in on the party this year. Muffy, Lulu, Grandpa, Grandma and Mommy all wished Morgan Happy Birthday. So did the other crib friends, puppets and everyone in the house. Thank you! said Morgan.

Mommy, Morgan, Muffy and Lulu were going to play hide and seek. You hide your eyes and don't listen, said Morgan to Muffy and Lulu, so they both did. Mommy, where should I hide, asked Morgan. Mommy had some great ideas and they both whispered together. Soon it would be Muffy and Lulu's turn to find her. What fun they all had playing games for Morgan's birthday party. Morgan is now walking all by herself without holding on to anything. Everyone is so impressed and it makes hiding so much easier!

On Dec 5th, everyone celebrated Grandpa's birthday. Morgan, Muffy, Lulu and Grandma all sang Happy Birthday and everyone had a grand time. Morgan had to remind Lulu don't howl, you have to stay singing in tune. They all especially liked having the Christmas tree up because it felt very festive.

Morgan brought over her favorite birthday card of Grandpa's. It has a doggie picture on it and she wanted to show it to Lulu, Muffy and Grandpa. Oh, said Grandpa, I like that one too. Happy 64th birthday Grandpa!

On Morgan's 11 month birthday, Dec 13th, she lead the song fest. She threw in some Christmas Carols too, because everyone loves them so. Her purple bunny literally belted out Joy To the World which made everyone smile. My, said Morgan, I didn't know bunnies could sing so well! Why thank you. smiled Bunny. I like the way you and Muffy sing too!

Then Morgan, Muffy and Lulu went over and sat with Grandma. Happy 11 month birthday Morgan! We ALL love you so much! said Grandma. Morgan smiled happily and Muffy and Lulu both said Here Here in unison. Purple Bunny said, Muffy, could you please move over, you are sitting on my head! Oops said Muffy and she scooted over.
December 2004, For my sweet sister Muffy Dunn,

Here is your Christmas Dress! I'm sure you've missed wearing it so far. I know this one is your very favorite.

I'm also sending you the raincoat in case it rains while you are on vacation. Certainly you'll need it for those April showers.

Have a merry merry Christmas. It really makes me happy that you are happy living with Grandma Carol, Grandpa Phil and Morgan.

Love Muffy Purrington

Muffy was so exited to wear her Christmas Dress that she climbed into the Christmas tree to model it! Oh Thank You Sissy! Muffy cried. I especially like the warm, soft slippers with red ribbons, because they keep my feet so toasty on chilly winter mornings.


On Dec 18th, Grandpa, Grandma and Morgan went to see Snow White and the seven dwarves at Marshal Fields. It was SO fun and at the end of the castle, Morgan saw Santa for the first time! She sat on his lap and told him everything she wanted for Christmas.

On the 21st of December, Daddy, Mommy and Morgan flew to California. Grandpa, Grandma and Muffy followed the next day. What fun they all had flying. I love the clouds the best said Muffy. But then, when she got to Uncle Phil and Auntie Annette's house, Muffy couldn't resist posing for a Christmas picture with her new dress and their new bear ornament. What fun! Muffy cried.

Muffy turned into a regular camera hog because she wanted to pose with all her relatives! Her favorite picture was with Daddy, Mommy, Morgan and Lulu at Great Aunt Vicky's house. I love traveling and seeing all these new houses and people, said Muffy. Merry Christmas to Everyone! And a Happy New Year Too! she laughed.

You next, you next, Muffy exclaimed to Great Aunt Vicky. It is SO nice of you to let Mommy, Daddy and Morgan stay at your house. said Muffy. You are my friend forever! GA Vicky smiled and said I am having fun too. Lulu was so proud to wear her bib that matched Muffy's new Christmas Dress. Woof Woof Woof (which translates into Don't we Look Grand and isn't this fun!) woofed Lulu.

Next, Muffy posed with Uncle Craig and Levi. How do you do? It's so nice to meet you. said Levi. I'm happy that I got to see you too! replied Muffy. Now that you live in California, I'm sure we will see more of each other

Cole was playing outside with his archeological dig kit that he got for Christmas. He stopped long enough to pose with Muffy and Lulu. I'm discovering dinosaur bones. Cole said. Oh, can we help? they asked. Sure said Cole. What a fun way to spend a California afternoon.

The newest Dunn, Jameson, who wasn't quite two months old yet, got into the picture game too. Muffy and Lulu cuddled up to Jameson in his new Very Hungry Caterpillar outfit. Welcome the the family! they said. And, Jameson just smiled.

Then, Muffy took the camera and snapped a shot she really liked! It had Uncle Phil, Auntie Annette, Ryder, Jameson, Mommy, Daddy, Morgan, Auntie Lauren, Levi, Cole and Uncle Craig all at once! This will be a very special Christmas to remember! exclaimed Muffy. And everyone had to agree.

Hi there! Here we are in our Christmas 2004 setting in Mama Char's den! I'm wearing my Charles Dickens Christmas Carol cape with hood. Our bunny cousin Hoppy is wearing her coat and hat. Do you remember the high-button shoes? That's Weezie's little Muffy on the far left, wearing her New England Christmas dress. Tyrolean Muffy and her horse complete the picture on the right!!!

I know you've been thinking about me because I am thinking about YOU!! Grandma Carol says you traveled to California!! You must have had a wonderful time with all those DUNN relatives!

Love and kisses to you and Morgan and Grandma Carol and Grandpa Phil too! Happy New Year to you all!!

Muffy Purrington

Happy First Birthday Morgan Lauren Neikirk everyone said on Jan. 13th, 2005! Morgan was chowing down her birthday cupcake and contemplating eating Muffy's cupcake and the special pink birthday cake Muffy had for Morgan. Oh Muffy, those look so good, said Morgan. Muffy wore her birthday dress that she received from Muffy Purrington and Morgan had on her purple velvet birthday skirt and purple flowered blouse. How festive they both looked.

The letter that came with the dress to Muffy said:

Dear Muffy Dunn, It's birthday time and your Morgan is one year old!'s the Happy Birthday dress and cake. Please wear this on Morgan's special day and to her parties. In fact, you can wear it whenever anyone in your family celebrates a birthday!

You have so many adventures ahead with your Morgan. One of these days, you won't be able to keep up with her.

Loving you always, Muffy Purrington.


Morgan, Mommy and Godmother, Rachel all enjoyed Morgan's birthday party. What Fun!

Daddy made this special Butterfly Birthday Cake especially for you, baby Morgan! Isn't it beautiful - just like you!
Happy First Birthday Morgan. We ALL love you SO much and this first year has truly been heaven!

At one year old, Morgan is 30 1/2 inches tall and weighs 20 lbs 13 oz.