The Adventures of Muffy and Morgan
12-18 Months Old

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It was valentines day 2005 and Morgan wanted to play something fun on the keyboard. So, she just sat down and composed a new piece entitled Morgan Loves Muffy. Do you like it? she asked. Muffy and Grandma both said Yes we sure do, and Happy 13 Month Birthday yesterday!

Off she played perfecting her notes and singing along with the music. Muffy sang too and Lulu just howled along to the music. Grandma made some valentine heart pictures of Morgan for Mommy and Daddy and everyone just had a fun day.


The next day, Morgan and Muffy were still celebrating both Valentines day and Morgan's 13 month birthday. Muffy still had on her valentines outfit which has three hearts on the front and says Bearly Guess Fashion. Morgan was wearing her puppy pants and red shirt.

Muffy, lets play with the blue sock puppets today, said Morgan. They had just been playing with the barn and animals and reading one of Morgan's favorite books Inside the Barn in the Country. Ok said Muffy, Put them on my hands first! Morgan got Muffy giggling so much, she had to lay down.


Morgan wanted to show Muffy how to dance, so she put Muffy in the orange bowl and said watch me Muffy. Oh Morgan, you can dance so wonderfully!, exclaimed Muffy.

On Sunday, March 6, 2005 Mommy, Grandma, Morgan and Muffy went to the Minnesota Zoo. This was the first trip to the Zoo for Morgan and Muffy. They especially liked the tigers and posed on the tiger sculptures.


Mommy, Morgan and Muffy cuddled together and looked at the
animals. Muffy was wearing her new Eskimo suit and muk luks that Muffy Purrington had sent. She was nice and cozy and brought along her pet seal in honor of going to the zoo.

Morgan was SO happy. She just loved spending time with Mommy, Grandma and Muffy. And seeing all the new animals at the zoo. She especially also loved the monkeys, cause she imitates them so well.


On March 13th, it was Morgan's 14 month Birthday and Morgan
helped Muffy dress up in her new print dress with white lace. We'll have a party they both said. Straighten the red bow and ribbon a bit, said Muffy. Morgan wore her new pink pants with lady bugs on them that her godmother, Rachel, bought her.

Muffy wanted to read books, so she got out the Inside the Barn in the Country book, one of her favorites too. She especially liked the part where the animals wake up the farmer and Morgan plays the part by pointing to the barn, when the farmer says It's not morning yet, please go back to bed!


Morgan came and joined Muffy on the book pillow and brought
the book The Little Angel Who Lost Faith. What fun they both had reading books to each other. What a special way to spend a birthday.
And then it was Morgan's 15th month birthday! How fast time flies by when you are growing up. Morgan and Muffy love hats and this day was no exception. Morgan has jeans with a matching hat and a wonderful red, heart, shirt that goes with the outfit. Reading magazines is also one of Morgan's favorite things, so this is how she spent her birthday.


The next day, April 14th, Morgan's Great-Grandpa, Russ Meade came to visit along with some of the other family. This was the first time he and Morgan and Muffy met, because he lives in Canada and doesn't get to MN very often.Morgan and Muffy were showing off the sticks they like to pick up and Russ and Sunny were quite impressed.
Everyone had a great giggle and Morgan said Can we go in and have cake now? She had to put her hand over Muffy's mouth, as Muffy was laughing so loud, it hurt her ears. Muffy, control yourself Morgan said. As it was Russ's 75th birthday on April 13th, everyone celebrated both his and Morgan's 15 month birthday all at once.


The cake was enjoyed by all.Yum, we all love cake! everyone said.

On May 13, 2005, Morgan turned 16 months. Muffy wanted to play with Play dough, so Morgan asked, Can we please? Yes, of course said Grandma.


So, everyone played with Play dough and Jake watched from the sofa. Morgan and Muffy had fun making shapes from cookie cutters, the favorite being the gingerbread man.

Then, Morgan wanted to play hide and seek with Muffy, but found her right away hiding under the coffee table. What a fun 16 month birthday.


Now it is June and the flowers are all in bloom. Morgan helped dig weeds.
I love it outside, she said.

Let me help with these flower plants, Grandma, Morgan said.


By the 11th, it had rained almost every day in June and Morgan liked to empty the rain gauge. Oh, see how much rain we got! exclaimed Morgan. The rain sure makes everything green!

Muffy put on her new blue rain coat and boots that Muffy Purrington sent her. Then, she checked out the lumber for the new screen gazebo to see that the plastic was keeping it dry.


From the lumber, Muffy walked over to the framed foundation to check it out. These anchors really look sturdy, and Morgan's Daddy is really doing a wonderful job building this! Muffy said.

Since Grandma and Grandpa were going to fly to California this week for Cole and Levi's birthdays, Morgan checked out the globe to see how far that was from Minnesota. I remember flying to California for Christmas. What fun that was, Morgan said as she drank some milk.


On July 13th, Morgan turned 18 months. She decided that since it was so very hot outside, she wanted to go swimming. How she loves the water! Muffy, why don't you come in? The water is wonderful!

Muffy just wanted to lounge in her chair and talk with Lulu and Rudy the pig. We are so comfortable under my umbrella, that I think we will just watch you play in the water. said Muffy. But we will all sing Happy Birthday to you! So they did.