The Adventures of Muffy and Morgan
2 to 2-1/2 Years Old

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On Jan 27, 2006, Morgan, Mommy, Grandma and Muffy went to the MN Zoo. "Oh Muffy" exclaimed Morgan, "Isn't this fun?" "Yes," replied Muffy. "It is wonderful!"

Mommy broke out the raisins at snack time and Morgan, Muffy, and Mr. Lion sure enjoyed them.


"Lets all stretch our legs out a bit. Ahh that feels good! Look at those fun animals" said Morgan. "I love the zoo and isn't it great that Mommy bought a whole year pass! Now we can come here all the time."

The Zoo has a fun room full of games, puzzles, puppets, costumes, blocks, etc. Morgan loved dressing up as a raccoon and playing animal blocks with Mommy.


And, Morgan especially loved making flower tracings with Mommy. "What beautiful pictures we are making," Morgan exclaimed. "It takes lots of concentration to make these pictures."

"Watch me build snowmen, Grandma" said Morgan. "It sure is fun playing in the snow!"


Grandma and Morgan made three snowmen in the front yard. The snow was just the right consistency for playing. Muffy watched from the window and Grandpa took pictures.

Morgan loves playing with PlayDoh, especially the new Zoo kit she got. Now she can make elephants, giraffe and big pink birds. She plays with them for hours.


Besides loving to wear hats, and play with PlayDoh, Morgan loves having Mommy play with her. "You look so cute in that new purple hat" said Mommy. "Yes, I do!" laughed Morgan. "I like to wear them just like Daddy does."

"Girls rule!" said Morgan. "Especially when we wear hats backwards!" she laughed.


"Now lets play some more Mommy," said Morgan who was again
deeply engrossed making a yellow giraffe. "And we can make some animal babies with the green PlayDoh baby mold," she added.

On Valentines Day, Morgan wore her heart shirt, pink pants and heart socks and Muffy wore her heart sweatshirt. Perfect for the occasion. Morgan, Muffy and Mr. Lion rocked on the chair and talked about the valentine Morgan made for Grandpa and Grandma.


Then, Morgan read The Story of Miss Moppet from her Beatrix Potter book collection to Muffy and Pink Doggie. This is one of her favorites.

"I just love when the mouse does a jig" said Morgan. "Because that is when Grandma and I stand up and do one too!"


Muffy loves Valentines Day so she ran into Morgan's room and changed into her Valentines Day jumper. She wrote "I Love You" on her valentine for Morgan. Then, Pink Doggie drew a heart for Morgan on her new Glow Slate. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

On April 9th, Grandma, Mommy, Morgan and Muffy went to the Shrine Circus. There were singing pigs, dancing dogs, horses and elephants, and lots of clowns. "I liked watching the man shoot from the cannon," said Morgan. "And the trapeze artists!" Mr. Lion agreed.


Morgan rode on the ponies while Mommy walked beside her for the fun of it. This circus has something for everyone, including Elephant rides!

That elephant is SOO big that not even Muffy or Mr. Lion wanted to ride on him. The ponies are just about perfect, they all agreed.


Muffy loved watching the clowns the best. "And the jugglers reminded me of Grandpa," exclaimed Muffy. "I wish I could juggle like that. And, Oooh Morgan, this is a fun early 27 month birthday party."

At Easter time, Morgan and Grandma went to see the Easter Bunny. He also had his friends Darling Duck and Pinky Bunny pose for pictures with Morgan and Grandma. "Hop Hop Hop," he sang.


Then, Morgan played with her bunnies and ducks. The two library bunny puppets joined in the fun and Morgan and Muffy fed the bunnies tea and pancakes. Then all the bunnies took naps under various blankets.

April 27, 2006 Morgan and Grandma went to the Westwood Hills Nature Center in St. Louis Park. Morgan loved the trails and the animals.


"Look at the goose swimming Grandma," Morgan exclaimed. "Isn't it beautiful?" "Yes," replied Grandma. "What do you think her honk is about? What is she saying?" Morgan said "She is saying come play with me to the other geese."

"I love the lake, Grandma!" Morgan said. "Oh and look at the deer!"


Two very friendly deer walked next to Morgan and Grandma on the trail and were eating without being afraid. Morgan also saw, squirrels, birds, chipmunks and lots of geese and ducks.

On May 25, 2006 Morgan got a new big girl bed so the crib could be readied for Joshua. "Now I really am a big girl!" exclaimed Morgan. And Mr. Lion agreed.


"May I please have some Gingersnaps?" is one of Morgan's favorite questions. "Yes," is invariably Grandma's answer. "Thank you," says Morgan. "You are very welcome." Grandma replies. Morgan is such a polite girl! And Gingersnaps are one of her special favorites.

June 13, 2006 was Morgan's 30 month birthday. Almost 2 and 1/2! Morgan, Mr Lion and Muffy dressed up in colored scarves, which is one of Morgan's favorite things to do.


Then, anyone with a scarf runs into the bedroom and looks into the mirror. Here Morgan fixes any scarves that are not perfect. "Let me help you with your blue scarf Muffy," said Morgan.

Muffy baked Morgan her standard pink birthday cake, which Morgan loved. "Let me have the first bite" Morgan said, as everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.


One of Morgan's favorite things to do is paint and draw pictures. "This new easel is excellent!" exclaimed Morgan.

"I'm going to paint a picture for Muffy," said Morgan. "Muffy likes red!"


Everyone likes to eat popcorn in Morganhaus in the afternoon. Generally, after Morgan's nap or after swimming, popcorn is on the agenda. "I also like lemonade," said Morgan. "And Daddy sometimes eats with us too!"

Grandpa joins in for popcorn fun, since he is the popcorn chef. "What fun it is to sit in Morganhaus with everyone and enjoy the summer!" said Grandpa. "And, it is a great place to work with my lap top and wireless connection."


Hot summer afternoons are a perfect time for swimming. Morgan loves her backyard pool.

And, aren't garden hoses fun? "Anything with water is great to play with!" said Morgan.


Grandma's flowers always need water and Morgan is happy to help out.

"I'll walk really carefully Grandma and not spill any of this water," said Morgan as she concentrated on walking with the watering pitcher.

"These are really pretty Grandma," said Morgan. "We have to keep them growing with lots of water."

Don't you like my tattoos?" asked Morgan. "Daddy got them and he wore them to work for fun one day!"

On June 18, 2006, Morgan became a big sister when Joshua Peter Neikirk was born.

Joshua was in the hospital a week, but Morgan and family could visit.

Muffy and Lulu the big sisters bear and dog and Rudy the big brother pig were SO excited. "What fun we will all have with Joshua!" they said. "We can't wait till he comes to Grandma and Grandpa's house!"

July 5th, Muffy said, "Why don't you surprise Grandpa?" "Good idea," said Morgan. So Morgan and Joshua jumped into Grandpa's bed and said "Good morning Grandpa!" He loved the wakeup.

Joshua was 6 lbs 10 oz and was 20 3/4 inches long.
What a wonderful baby brother for Morgan and Muffy!