The Adventures of Muffy and Morgan
2-1/2 - 3 Years Old

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Morgan celebrated her 2 and 1/2 year birthday by swimming.
July was very hot in Hopkins and was close to 100 degrees for days on end.
How good the swimming pool water felt.

"I will play with my Pooh, Tigger and Eeore that came from cousin Levi's birthday party.
And also with my colored cups and sticks," laughed Morgan.
Muffy thought that was a great idea.


Next door to Grandma and Grandpa's is a wonderful play area.
Morgan loves to scurry up the climbing wall to the platform.
"Watch me Grandma!" said Morgan.

"The slide is so fun too! And the swings and bouncer!" Morgan said.
"This is a great place to go play."


Muffy and Morgan read the story about Cordoroy's Easter Party and then reminisced
about Morgan's pink Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa.
"I loved the eggs and so did Daddy" said Morgan.

"There were chocolate eggs and other fun stuff inside the colorful plastic eggs." said Morgan. "Yummy!" said Muffy.


On July 23rd 2007, Joshua was baptized at Living Hope Lutheran Church. Morgan went along up with Mommy,
Daddy and Joshua's Godparents Rachel and Mark (who also are Morgan's Godparents).

There was a big party afterwards at Morgan's house and many pictures were taken.
Here is Mommy, Rachel, Morgan and Joshua, who said "This is my party. Pay attention to me!"


Then it was Daddy's turn to get pictures with Morgan, Mark, Joshua and Daddy's friend Dave. What a great baptism party it was!

Later, Morgan and Joshua mugged for the camera. "Look how long we both are," smiled Morgan.


In July of 2006, Muffy Purrington went to Africa with her Mom and Dad, Charlotte and Bruce Purrington. She sent pictures back of visiting with the African children and said what a wonderful time they all had.

On Aug 7th, Mommy, Grandma, Morgan, Lion and Joshua went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. They had fun smelling the spices on the inside display. Muffy stayed home and played with the other animals in Morgan's room.


Morgan had lots of fun building the butterfly with pine cones and tree bark parts. There were bins of fun stuff to build with. Then, she peaked into the Toad Abode.

Mommy, Morgan and Lion posed by the butterfly. "What fun this is" exclaimed Morgan.


What is better than lazing by a koi pond on a sunny day. The arboretum is a wonderful place to spend time with your special friends and family.

You can learn a lot about many different kinds of flowers and plants. Morgan and Lion both enjoyed the day. "I especially love these purple flowers," Morgan said. "And Lion likes the cone flowers best."


Aug 12th, Mommy, Daddy, Morgan, Joshua and Grandma went to Valley Fair. Mommy's work had a big party there with lunch and prizes.

"What ride should I go on first?" asked Morgan. "There are lots of them to choose from," smiled Daddy.


"I think I like the merry-go-round best" said Morgan. It's so fun to ride on these horses!"

"And then there is the Bee ride," Morgan laughed. "Maybe I like this one best too!"


The kids band played fun music and lots of children danced with hula hoops. Morgan especially liked the pink one, because that is her favorite color.

"Whee" laughed Morgan. "Put your arms up when the frog ride goes down."


Aug 18-20th, the Neikirks went up to a friend's lake cottage. Kayaking was great fun.

Morgan and Daddy fished off the dock. Morgan had her own pink fishing rod and reel that she especially liked.


Then, much to her delight, Morgan caught her first fish!
Small as it may have been, she was very proud of it.

"Look everyone," Morgan said. "Look at my fish!


Aug 29th, Morgan, Joshua, Mommy and Grandma went to the MN State Fair. Again, Morgan's favorite was the merry-go-round. Grandma liked it too!

Morgan and Lion drove around a track on some really fun cars. "I love rides," said Morgan. "Hold on Lion."


Then Mommy and Morgan went into the butterfly house. "Look at this Monarch," said Morgan quietly. "We don't want to scare it off." There were hundreds of butterflies to catch and touch.

In September, Mommy, Daddy, Joshua and Morgan went to the Renaissance Festival. This is put on every year, lots of people dress up, and there are many fun thing to do. Morgan especially loved riding on the butterfly ride, since she had just seen some at the State Fair.


"If I thought I liked riding on the small merry-go-round horses, this one is the greatest rocking horse!" said Morgan. "Look at the size of it. I had to climb the ladder just to get on it!"

"Watch me dance around the May pole," sang Morgan. "What fun it is to weave these ribbons! I wish Muffy were here too!"


A bit later in September, Grandpa, Grandma, Morgan, Joshua and Muffy went to the outdoor concert given by the Minnesota Orchestra. They do this each year and it is always lots of fun with great music.

"Muffy, stop dancing," said Morgan. "You are just supposed to listen to the music!" "Oh, I can't help myself," laughed Muffy. "The music is so compelling it makes you want to tap your toes."


On October 1st, the Down Syndrome Association had its annual Buddy Walk. This year it was at Como Park and Zoo. Grandma, Mommy, Morgan and Joshua went and especially loved the Arboretum. "Look Grandma, there are koi fish here too," giggled Morgan.

"Let's go look at the animals," suggested Grandma.


"Lion, look at the REAL lion," said Morgan. "He is really big."

"Hmm," wondered Morgan. "Do you think that lion would like to come home with us?" "Roar," said lion.


Morgan liked talking with Pink Doggie. "What do you think we should do now?" asked Morgan. "How about a tea party," suggested Pink Doggie.

"Tea parties are one of my favorite things to do. Especially since Muffy Purrington sent us this wonderful picnic basket and tea set," said Morgan.


Muffy, Pooh, Roo, Eeore, Green Bunny, the Goodnight Moon Bunny and Mommy dolly all enjoyed some tea and pretend cake. "I love tea parties too!" exclaimed Muffy.

Everyone had such a wonderful time, that the next day they had another tea party. Muffy even changed into her Lemonade outfit for the occasion.


On October 7th, Mommy, Grandma, Morgan and Joshua went to the Corn Maze in Shakopee. They cut a huge, multi acre corn maze and also have rides, a hay maze and many other things to do. They even have pig races.

Morgan rode on the ponies and also fed lots of animals in the petting zoo.


Morgan and Mommy thought the most fun was rolling in the corn house. Huge amounts of shelled corn could be jumped in and played with.

"Aren't I pretty on this hay bale?" asked Morgan. "Of course," everyone answered.


Morgan and Mommy then went to the hay bale maze and loved walking around on the bales. "Watch me jump off," said Morgan.

And the day wouldn't be complete without Morgan driving the giant tractor. "Vroom, put put," she said as she turned the steering wheel.


Oct 30th Morgan went outside to play in the leaves. She buried herself waist-deep in a large leaf pile. "I love fall," she said.

"This leaf will be a good one for our leaf mobile, Grandma," Morgan said.


Then Morgan rode her trike around the leaves. "Vroom beep beep" she said.

Then Morgan went inside and decided to paint pictures of what she had seen outside. Morgan loves to paint and especially likes her paint smock.


"Watch this Muffy," Morgan said. "I'm going to paint a picture of you and our tea party." "Oh goodie, let me see," said Muffy who was watching from Morgan's bed.

Then it was Halloween, one of Morgan's favorite holidays. This year she was a lion and went door-to-door saying ROAR before Trick or Treat.


Morgan wore her lion costume all day. "Would you like a ROARING grape Grandma?" asked Morgan at breakfast time.

Joshua wore an orange costume that said BOO on it. "I wish I had some teeth so I could eat candy too," mused Joshua.


Dec 6th, Grandma and Morgan made Christmas tree ornaments. "Purple is my favorite color for ornaments," said Morgan. "Help me put this ribbon through the holes so we can hang them on the tree."

"How many more stickers should I put on this one?" Morgan asked. "I think one more star will do it."


Then at last it was Christmas. The Neikirk family posed for their Christmas card picture all decked out in their Minnesota Wild Hockey jerseys. "Cheese," smiled Morgan.

One of Morgan's favorite presents was a Minnesota Vikings outfit. She immediately took off her Christmas outfit and put on her Vikings clothes. "Go Vikings!" cheered Morgan.


Morgan loves opening presents. "I wonder what this one is," she said as she ripped off the wrapping paper.

"Oh Muffy," Morgan grinned. "Look what Muffy Purrington sent you this year! A sled and new clothes!"


"Lets take this sweater off the hanger and put it on Muffy. I'll help. And look, a matching sweater hat for Lulu!"

Everyone especially loved the beaded and knit hats from Africa from Auntie Char and Uncle Bruce. What a hit they were for Christmas. "Muffy," said Morgan "smile for the camera in your new sweater while we mug with our hats. Just wait and I'll finish dressing you and Lulu."


"Don't we look pretty?" asked Morgan. "I LOVE these hats and the scarf is wonderful!"

Muffy and Lulu couldn't wait to go play in the snow with their new sled and outfits. "Whee," said Muffy.


"Push Lulu," giggled Muffy. "This is SO much fun! Thank you, thank you Muffy Purrington!"

On Jan 13th, 2007, Morgan turned three years old. She had an ice cream princess cake this year, because she is such a princess.


"Blow out the candles," Mommy said as everyone sang Happy Birthday to Morgan.

Mommy and Daddy are so happy that Morgan is now three. And the best part, Mommy says is that Morgan is potty trained and out of diapers!


Then everyone got to eat cake. "Yummy," said Morgan

Joshua didn't get ice cream cake, but he loved playing with Grandma's fingers. "Morgan is three years old today," said Grandma. Let's count to three Joshua."


At last came the present opening. Morgan's Godmother Rachel gave
her a cheer leader's outfit which was her favorite present of the day.
She immediately put it on and started leading cheers. "Rah Rah Rah,"
she sang. And everyone said, "We love you Morgan. Happy Third Birthday."