The Adventures of Muffy and Morgan
3 to 3-1/2 Years Old
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Dear Muffy Dunn and Morgan Neikirk,
Happy Happy Valentines 2007!
LOVE, Muffy Purrington. Hoppy and Muffy "Kristen"!

Morgan got a new hair cut in March 2007. But when she got home, Muffy was really tired and wanted to take a nap, so Morgan helped her into her pajamas.

"You will feel much better after a nap Muffy", Morgan said. "You will be snug and warm and I will put the jammie hat on Lulu too, so you can both take a nap together."

Morgan and Joshua went to see the Easter Bunny. Joshua said "Look at me on the bunny Grandma" as he spread out his arms. Morgan and Lion were a bit shy of the big bunny, but smiled anyway. Morgan and Lion are 3 yrs 2 months and Joshua is 9 months.

On March 18, Morgan and Grandma thought it would be a great idea to read before nap time. This is one of Morgan's rituals - to read before a nap. And, she gets to pick the book(s).

March 30, 2007 is Daddy's 34th birthday. "We'll make Daddy a birthday card and he will be really surprised," giggled Morgan to Joshua.

April 22nd was a great day to paint with the dobbers. "I'm going to paint the dragon for Muffy," said Morgan. "Do you think she will like it?"

"I think pink will be the next color, because Muffy really likes pink and pink is my favorite color too," mused Morgan.

"Lulu, hold still so I can put on this Easter hat," said Morgan. "Then you will look pretty like Muffy who is dressed in her Easter egg outfit."

Lulu started giggling, which made Muffy giggle, which made Morgan giggle. "This hat tickles my head," woofed Lulu. What fun it is to be a little girl with her friends!

In May, Joshua's special teachers hosted a picnic in the park in Shakopee. Grandma brought Morgan and Joshua over and Mommy met them from work. Morgan decorated a sandbox pail and shovel and Joshua just enjoyed the yummy pizza and cookies they provided.

Auntie Char, Uncle Bruce and Muffy Purrington came to visit at the end of May 2007. Everyone went to the Neikirk house for dinner and Morgan especially enjoyed being read to by Auntie Char.

Morgan wanted to show Uncle Bruce the book they had given her before that had their picture in it. "Come upstairs with me," she said.

Daddy grilled steaks and everyone had a spectacular meal. "We are really happy that you came to visit us," they said to Auntie Char and Uncle Bruce. "Come again SOON!"

"We second that thought," said Grandpa and Grandma.

Auntie Char and Uncle Bruce said "Thank you, it is fun to see you all and we will be sure to come back. And, do come visit us in Arizona."

The next day, the two Muffys were going to play together. "Muffy, lets get you out of your pajamas and put on the matching dress so you will look like Muffy Purrington," said Morgan. She helped Muffy change clothes.

"There," said Morgan. "Now you both match. It sure is a treat to have you visit us Muffy Purrington," remarked Morgan. "Yes Yes," exclaimed Muffy.

Auntie Char and Muffy Purrington brought other matching outfits for Muffy. "Now you can look alike and play together the whole time we are here. How about if we put on the pink dress."

"First we have to take off your shoes Muffy," said Morgan. "Just look at all these new clothes!"

"You will look so wonderful and feminine in this new pink dress. I just love the flowered lace trim."

""Now the matching sailor dresses! You both look like twins. Thank you again for coming to visit and bringing such wonderful clothes." said Morgan and Muffy agreed.

Morgan posed with the two Muffys in their sailor suits. You all look marvelous. Now all we need is a boat.

"Here's the red boat I use in the bathtub," said Morgan. "You can sail in this."

So Muffy Purrington jumped into the boat to try it out. "This is just right," she laughed.

"I think you both can fit into the boat at the same time," said Morgan. "See, it works!" Roat a toat toat, two bears in a boat and both of them are a float. Muffy D and Muffy P sailed out to sea and all had fun they both agree.

One day Auntie Char and Uncle Bruce went to a zoo in North Dakota, because this was their 50th state to visit. They bought Morgan Hissy Cissy the snake. "Ssssss," said Hissy Cissy as she and Auntie Char chased Morgan around the living room.

Morgan and Hissy Cissy danced together. "You are so big and so blue and so much fun," sang Morgan.

"I think I will compose a song for us to dance to," said Morgan. So she went to the keyboard and played a new tune.

Then winding down, Morgan, Joshua, all the lions and Hissy Cissy laid down together. "Whew, what fun this is," said Morgan. And Joshua agreed.

"I think it is time for you to take a nap Muffy," said Morgan. "Let's put your pajamas back on. And then it is time for Muffy Purrington to go back home. Have a wonderful trip back Muffy P."

"Hey Morgan," said Joshua one day in June. "Can you swing me around in this chair?" "Oh Joshua," laughed Morgan. "It is fun to spin in chairs, but you can't go too fast or you will fall out." So around he went, slowly.

Morgan goes to Library Story Time each week and picks out lots of fun books to read and library puppets to play with. This is one of her favorite things to do.

On June 18, 2007, Joshua turned one year old. His birthday party was lots of fun for everyone. Grandpa, Morgan and Lion had a giggle about the cake. "Will you help blow out the candle?" asked Grandpa.

So, Mommy held Joshua, Daddy held Morgan and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Joshua. All the guests loved the ice cream cake.

Morgan played with her new desk that has a pegboard to make pictures with. Jake wanted to go into Morgan's tent. What a fun way to spend Joshua's birthday.

July was play time on Hazel Lane. Grandpa made google eyes from an egg carton and said "Aaarrrggghhh." This made Grandma and Morgan laugh a lot. Silly Grandpa!

Another fun thing to do is play with sock puppets. The library lion puppet especially enjoyed the purple people puppets on Morgan's arms.

Grandma wanted to do something silly too, so one day Morgan and Grandma made cat sandwiches out of bread, jelly, raisin eyes, cheese for the nose and sliced strawberries for whiskers. Yum and the best part was eating it!

Mommy's work had a picnic and Morgan wanted her face painted. "Let me pick the picture," she said.

"Hold very still," the painter told Morgan.

"It's a unicorn!" Morgan said smiling. "I love unicorns."

Daddy said "I like unicorns too but I especially love YOU!"