The Adventures of Muffy and Morgan
3-1/2 - 4 Years Old

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On September 11, 2007, Morgan started Preschool at the Hopkins United Methodist Preschool. Mommy bought her a new Dora backpack and she was really excited to go.

Morgan goes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's from 9:15 am until 11:45 am. Mrs. Bocchi and Mrs. Dickinsen are her two teachers and they are really nice. There are 19 children on Tue. and Thur. and 11 of them on Wed. Morgan couldn't wait to come home and tell Muffy about it.

On October 8th, Hoppy arrived. She came straight from a vacation in California, so she still had on her beach wear. "It was so warm and nice there." Hoppy said. "And, on the way back, I visited my cousin Hoppy Purrington, who said to say Hello. But now I'm back and very happy to come to live with you and Morgan." "I wonder if I will see Hoppy or Muffy Purrington when we all go to California for Christmas?" mused Morgan.

"Hoppy hopped over to Muffy who had been taking a nap with Lulu. Morgan said, "Oh, Muffy, how can you sleep in the middle of the day? Just because you have a new plastic bin for a home, doesn't mean you can loaf around."

"Muffy, get out of your pajamas." laughed Morgan. "Your sister Hoppy is here!" Muffy almost jumped out of her clothes when she saw Hoppy. "Oh, how wonderful to see you!" she sang. "Woof/oink," agreed Lulu and Rudy.

Morgan put on Muffy and Lulu's sledding outfit and pretended it was snowing under her bed, where she then put them to play. Soon Hoppy joined them in the snow, having put on a warmer outfit.

Oct. 9th, Morgan finished the green dragon she had made from painted egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, felt and crepe paper. After putting pencils in as the puppet sticks, Morgan ran around the house saying, "Roar". This made Muffy and Hoppy giggle.

"Muffy, you don't have to be scared of this dragon because she is friendly like Elliot in Pete's Dragon," said Morgan. Pete's Dragon is one of Morgan's favorite movies.

Grandma and Morgan were on a roll doing projects. Next, they made a nest of yellow chicks from food colored cotton balls, pipe cleaners and star brads for eyes. Morgan loves doing these projects.

"Muffy, come and see the chicks" said Morgan. "You will love them and they will be a great decoration. We will save the chicks for Easter and now we can do turkey's for Thanksgiving!"

Many of Muffy's relatives came to live in Hopkins with Muffy and Morgan. Muffy Bal Masque came direct from her ball. She is elegantly dressed in a pink ball gown with gold trim. She has a mask in one hand and a fan tag with tassel in the other. She is wearing a flower with feather head piece with black shoes. She has a blue flowered sash and a broach type gold with pearl design at the neckline. "Oh Muffy you look so elegant!" gushed Morgan.

Then Muffy wanted to take sewing lessons and dressed in her yellow sewing outfit complete with a tape measure hat! "Wow Muffy," said Morgan, "I like to sew things too, and since Grandma helps me and shows me how to sew, I bet she will help you too."

Purrlie the cat came next with her pillow and basket. "I heard about your house from Lulu the dog, who is my best friend," said Purrlie. "I know I will love living with you Muffy and I know Morgan and I will get along purrfectly."

Muffy dressed as a mouse inspired by the poem: Twas The Night Before Christmas. Muffy has a brown mouse outfit with a personalized stocking and a plate of cheese. She looks so cute in her mouse nose. The box has the story of Muffy's Night Before Christmas printed on it when it is opened.

"I love all my new Muffy friends," said Morgan. "Muffy also has a magic carpet, crystal ball and tarot cards, not to mention the two new cherry pies she baked. Let's all mug for the camera Muffys!" "Purrfect." purred Purrlie.

"Here Muffy, let me help you with this dress," said Morgan. "It is so wide and beautiful that it needs to be fluffed. I just love the pink, don't you?" "I wonder how I could sew another one?" mused Sewing Muffy.

Halloween is coming soon and everyone needs to get into costumes. Muffy wanted to be Count Muffula, so she put on her vampire costume complete with cape and mask.

"I vant to be your bat" said Muffy. "Don't you just love this cape? Let me show you the back!" "Oooohhhh, it's scary" said Morgan.

"But it is really cute too." said Morgan. "Thank you." said Muffy. But with the mask on it sounds like "Vamp you!" Hee Hee Hee

"I want to be a pumpkin." said Hoppy. "Muffy let me borrow her costume from last year and I think I look better in it than she did."

"You Muffys are so funny." laughed Morgan. "I think I should get my costumes on too. I am going to be a lion riding a unicorn!"

Then Rudy the pig, Lion and Barbie jumped in the fray. "Hey Muffy," they said, "why do you have a pot on your head?" "Just the be silly of course." retorted Muffy. And Hoppy jumped into the cherry pie dress just for the fun of it.

On Oct 20th, Grandma, Mommy, Morgan and Joshua went to the Severs Corn Maze in Shakopee. "This is so fun," said Morgan.

The best part is rolling in the corn kernels. Everyone loves to do this and Morgan said "Cover me up Mommy".

The large zoo area has lots of animals and Morgan especially likes to feed the baby deer.

Pumpkins, corn and an old wagon make for great fun. What a nice family outing.

"Giddy up Lucy," said Morgan. Lucy is what she named the pony she was riding.

Then it was Halloween! "Ride em Uni" laughed Morgan. "Lion hold on!" said one lion to the other. "This unicorn can fly with her shiny wings."

"See my two tails Grandma" said Morgan. "One is from the lion and the other from the unicorn. Trick or Treat!"

Joshua wanted to get in on the Halloween fun so he put on his orange Little Monster shirt. "Boo." he said.

"Eeeee", roared Grandma. "I'm the scary pumpkin!" "Oh Grandma, you look funny, not scary." laughed Morgan and Muffy.

December 14th everyone was getting ready for Christmas. Since Grandma and Grandpa and Morgan and her family were all going to California for Christmas, the Minnesota bunch had to have Christmas early. All the Muffys, Hoppy, Lulu and Purlie put on their festive clothes and gathered by the Christmas tree to sing carols.

Joshua wanted to sing too, so he thought he would conduct the music. "Lets all sing Jingle Bells," he said.

Morgan wanted talk about her upcoming California trip. "It will be so fun Muffys. And one of you can come along too, because I know Muffy Purrington will be there."

"Lets go play Morgan," laughed Joshua. "It's so fun to play with the Muffys." Morgan swung her hair and giggled "Ok, let's go to my room."

One of the Muffys got so tired from all the excitement, that Morgan put her to bed. "Now you just have a nice nap." she told her.

"I love you Muffy." said Morgan. "Now it's time to say your prayers. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, may angels watch me through the night and keep me in their blessed sight. Amen." they both said.

On Dec 17th, Grandpa, Grandma, Morgan and Joshua and Lion went to The Nutcracker display. "Oh Grandma, this is so beautiful," Joshua said.

"Look at the pretty toys they have," pointed Grandma.

Grandma and Morgan liked The Nutcracker so much they went back again the next day. "My favorite is the chocolate dancers from Spain," said Morgan.

Jolly Mother Ginger and her prankster puppets was Grandma's favorite. "Look how tall she is," said Grandma.

"These snowflakes remind me how much I love to play outside in the winter." smiled Morgan.

"Please come now, Princess Clara. Your enchanted horse awaits to take us on a most magical journey." the Nutcracker said. "Isn't she beautiful!" mused Morgan.

"I think I will tell Santa I want to be a princess too," said Morgan. We all think she already is. Joshua couldn't decide what he wanted most. "Whatever you think best." he said.

Then came Christmas in California. First everyone went to Lauren and Craig's house. Morgan mugged with a top hat. "I love California," she said.

"Look at my face." laughed Morgan with a fake nose and glasses.

"Don't I have a beautiful Christmas dress?" Morgan asked.

"Yes," said Joshua who was still in his jammies. Muffy, in her Santa outfit, readily agreed. "Yes Morgan, you are truly beautiful!"

All the grandchildren posed with Grandpa and Grandma. Charlotte, Ryder, Cole, Grandma, Joshua, Morgan, Levi and Jameson with Grandpa in front, all smiled happily.

Then the parents jumped in and everyone loved getting together. What fun it was to stay at Aunt Vicky's house.

Auntie Char brought lots of Muffys from Arizona to Uncle Phil and Auntie Annette's house. "Let's play with all the Muffys," said Morgan.

"Won't you come play with us?" asked Morgan.

"I'll play with you," said Daddy. "What should the Muffys do?"

"Well, let's change their clothes," said Morgan.

"Baby Charlotte got her first Muffy too", said Grandma. "Look at the pretty basket she came in from Muffy Purrington."

Then, Morgan got distracted by the lineup of candy boxes that Auntie Char and Uncle Bruce brought. "Look, this one says Morgan!"

Auntie Char read everyone the book A letter to Santa Claus. The whole room was enthralled and had a wonderful time in California for Christmas.

And, at last, it was Morgan's fourth birthday, January 13th, 2008. Muffy was so excited and made a cake and wrapped up a present.

Morgan couldn't wait to open her present. "Ooh, it's a lion!" she said.

Grandpa has been reading Morgan The Wizard of Oz book, so now she has the characters to play with. "Look Muffy, it's Dorothy, the scarecrow, the tin woodman, the lion, and the witches!" said Morgan.

Morgan was so excited that she jumped on the floor and made a carpet angel. "Look at me." she said.

Then it was time to open presents from Auntie Char, Uncle Bruce and Muffy Purrington. Morgan got a beautiful cross necklace, a large Wizard of Oz Lion, a new scooter and furniture for Hoppy, a bed for Lulu, and some new friends, Lucy the Goose and Webster the Duck. And Muffy clothes and lots of other lovely gifts. "Thank you, Thank you!" said Morgan. "Vrooom," said Hoppy.

Now Muffy wanted to try the Hoppy Davidson and the others wanted to sit and watch. What fun presents these are, they all agreed.

On January 15th, Morgan had her birthday party at preschool. All the children sang Happy Birthday and had Jello and juice. Mommy, Grandma, Grandpa, Joshua and Muffy came for the party.

They had a cake with 4 candles, which Morgan counted. "One, Two, Three, Four - now I am four." she said.

Then, after a prayer, Morgan blew out the candles. Morgan got to wear the purple birthday crown made especially for her.

"Would you like some Jello Muffy?" asked Morgan. "It's really good." Muffy was wearing her Scottish outfit from Muffy Purrington.

"Yes, I would like some. Could you help me?" Muffy asked Grandma. "Of course," answered Grandma. Mommy sat down and fed Joshua some Jello too.

On January 20th, Morgan had her family birthday party. Since she loves Tinkerbell, she was on her cake. The candles burned the color they were - purple burned purple, green green, etc.

Grandpa and Joshua discussed what fun birthday parties are and practiced singing Happy Birthday.

Morgan wore her cross necklace and showed everyone the rain tube she made in preschool. "When you shake it, it sounds like rain." she said.

Then it was time to open presents. Mommy helped.

Candle blowing time. "Make a wish and blow," said Mommy.

Happy Fourth Birthday Morgan, We Love You!

Morgan is 38 1/4 inches tall and weighs almost 40 lbs. What a wonderful girl she is and how blessed we all are to have her in our lives!

And we love all the project you make, like the Santa, reindeer, elf and candle. You are Fun Fun Fun!