Morgan Joshua Grandpa and Grandma go to The Nutcracker at Macy's Dec 17, 2007
Morgan and Grandma go back the next day too!

Entrance Scene: The Christmas Eve party guests had begun to arrive.
Welcome! Happy Holidays!
Scene 1: Young Clara's Godfather Drosselmeyer brought mechanical toys to entertain the guests.
Scene 2: Oooh, cooed Clara, I wish all my dolls could be so large and life-like.
Scene 3: A most special gift Godfather gave to Clara - a wooden soldier nutcracker. Thank you! He's wonderful!

Scene 4-5: As soon as Godfather left the room, Fritz grabbed his sister's gift. I'm the one who likes soldiers best!
Clumsy Fritz! Nutcracker's broken! I'm sorry Clara. Godfather will mend him good as new.

Scene 6: The party guests were gone. Clara stayed downstairs near her Nutcracker while the others went to bed.
Scene 7: Midnight. Now what's that stirring beneath the tree? Mice! Oh, dear! Please someone, make them go away!

Scene 8a: Help her, Nutcracker! Save little Clara from these menacing mice!

Scene 8b: And suddenly the Christmas tree seemed to grow larger. Or was Clara becoming smaller?
Scene 9: Like magic, the Nutcracker and his soldiers sprang into action to battle the Mouse King.
Scene 10: Such a skirmish! Oh how could Nutcracker hope to win when already he was wounded?
Scene 11: Stop, you horrible mouse! Leave Nutcracker alone! He's hurt!

Scene 12: You've saved him, Clara! Your courage saved Prince Nutcracker!
Scene 13: Please come now, Princess Clara. Your enchanted horse awaits to take us on a most magical journey.
Scene 14: Welcome Clara, to the sweet Kingdom of Candy!
Scene 14a: Russian Sugared Nutty Nougats!

Scene 14b: Sweet Chinese Teas.
Scene 14c: Oh, my! Marzipan Piggies?!

Scene 14d: Smooth, spiced Chocolates from Spain.
Scene 14e: Arabic Coffee - hot as the desert sun.
Scene 14f: To crown the feast, a Fantasy of Fluttering Flowers.
Scene 14g: Jolly Mother Ginger with her prankster Punch puppets - so silly!

Scene 15: But of all these wondrous scenes, Clara loved most to see her Nutcraker Prince dance with the Sugar Plum Fairy.
Scene 16: No matter how marvelous our dreams, come morning we must awaken.
Truly, this has been the most magical Christmas that Clara - and her Nutcraker - could ever have imagined!

Now, Grandpa, Grandma, Morgan and Joshua go to see Santa.