Some Misc Goodies

Roger, Vicky, Sam, Toni 2005

State Fair Sept 2004. Robert Delutri artist does election canvas. One paint stroke = one vote.
Red=Republican, Blue=Democrat, White=anyone else, Black=not planning to vote.

Karen Peterson (high school friend) and Phil Dunn Sept 2002 by her pool in Richmond, CA

CJ Branches Out 9/1/01

Wonderful gift from Lauren, Craig and Cole - Thanks for a great visit June 2001

Halloween - Hopkins

Peregrine Falcon and Squirrel in back yard Aug 2000

Ron and Sharon buy a house.

Mother's Day 1997



A civilized martini, then dinner with Terry and Annette


Visiting with Lauren, Phil, Craig.

Phil and Annette flash through MSP ... din-din with Michelle and Pete (B'day!) Easter 3-30-97


CJ checks out Lauren's Page


Trip to Hutch 1/25/97


The infamous sphere puzzle 12/25/96

.. ..

PRD to PKD: "That's me looking at you on your birthday at 1:13 pm/ 12/5/96. I'm in a white shirt and blue jeans in the cul-de-sac on the left in the foreground. Those trucks are setting up sound and taping equipment for some kind of production. I'm also in 1:08, a little further up the rail."


Phil K 9/16 - Sophie 9/16/96 Note the shaved left rear quarter from the cruciate ligament replacement operation. CJ 9/16/96


Halloween Party about 1987
CJ The Chicken! PK The Clown (also Butch the Clown)