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Phil Hawaii 1965/1966
2nd Lt. Philip K. Dunn, Radio Ham WA6SIB (later K0EE) Gilbert AZ 1964 - T37 aircraft model on desk.
During primary USAF flying school.
Gilbert AZ 1964, duplex complex rentals where many USAF student pilots and wives lived. Terry, Phil with Ruth Taylor (Terry's Mom) visiting
Phil and Vicky (Terry's sister) 1972
At Las Vegas as LearJet Captain for UCO Oil

Terry and Lauren - 1967

Bill, Char (the Prom!) ca. 1952
WWI-1918 WRD Sr. and Horace Arthur Jr.
Louise Miller Dunn 1938
1938 William Ryder Dunn Sr.

1941 Dunns at Hermosa Beach - Louise, William R. Jr., Philip King, Charlotte Mayfield, William Ryder

PKD and his dad: Roberts at the Beach (SF Restaurant), Thanksgiving 1952

WRD Sr....H. Arthur Dunn

1946, 1956? at Green Street


The cousins from the Dunn family. The only time photographed together. September 1977.
Back row: 4 boys, Kenneth Philip, William Terwilliger Andrew Miller (Dunn), Jeffrey Purrington
Margaret Elizabeth Hull (Kate's), Karen P., Lauren, Philip R.

Philip K. sailed a lot while in Newport Beach. Center relaxing with Brother Bill after a tough day at sea.

Left moving up: Terry, Lauren, PKD. Mary T. Dunn with sons below in front row (Ken, Andrew, Bill) - Jeff P. - lower right)
Next to Mary, Bill, Mom (Louise), Dad (WRD), Bruce (Karen in lap), Char, Kate behind. 1966-7?

Bruce, Karen, PKD - sailing out of Newport. Was this the day we saw sharks breach?

Karen, Char, Jeff, Lauren, Phil (PRD) having just biked across the GG bridge.

Dad flew Lauren and Phil (PRD) to lunch in Catalina in a Cessna 320.

Lauren and Karen up a tree.
Aboard the Queen Mary

More from 1977

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Terry, Philip R., Lauren, Philip K. - 1968

Lauren 10 years old - Oct 16, 1976

Dana, Philip Ryder, Philip King, Lauren Hunter

This is Lauren's first solo airplane flight - absolutely perfecto. This was at Orange County Airport.

Lauren gets a car from Grandpa Dave.

Me with Gary, Dana and Jill. Siblings. - 1983?

CJ and Dana in Anaheim - 1984 [#3, #2]

This is Granny (my dad's stepmom), and Brother's sons: William Terwilliger, Andrew Miller, Kenneth Philip and my Dad - Mary T. behind.

Char and Bruce

Lauren and Philip Ryder Dunn - Fountain Valley, CA 1970

1975 Kate and Ed

PKD Grammar School - St. Vincent de Paul, San Francisco

Thanks for the world globe - a great gift from the folks.

Philip R. and Lauren - how beautiful!

American Samoa 1968 ...

Contemplating the Pacific Ocean from the lava beds around Am. Samoa just south of the airport.

Captain Philip K. Dunn, USAF, about to take off from Pago Pago in a B57F - Full Pressure Suit - up to 70K feet
We flew to sample the radiation from atomic bomb tests that the French and Chinese were conducting (separately)
over the Pacific Ocean. Once a detonation was detected, we would launch to sample. We were there for about 6 weeks, 1968.
Note the red "Remove before Flight" flag behind my head protecting the ejection handle (black/yellow). Accidently
pulling that handle would spoil your day. On my back is a parachute. I sit on a rocket ejection seat.

Phil piloting B57F Over Canada - 1968
Pilot in front and Navigator/Technician behind. The rudder is so large because of the huge thrust
generated by the TF33 engine (25K lbs) - the same engine which powers the C-141 and similar transports.
The engine intake is the black thing behind my head. Yes, it climbed like a scalded eagle.

These were taken by a Canadian pilot flying a T-33 on my wing at about 30 thousand feet. Notice that
there are 2 smaller engines (J60s) below the TF33s to provide higher altitude. We were working with Canadian scientists testing
the atmosphere to see if there was any circulation between the stratosphere and the troposphere. (Yes).
This was the only 4 engine airplane in the world with a single pilot station. In fact there were no dual control trainers for the B57F.
The instructor could only talk (or yell) at you while he sat in the back.

B57F leaving from Mendoza, Argentina for Panama City. Note the lack of the extra engines under the wing.
We sampled air at high altitudes south to Tierra del Fuego and as far north as Arctic ice cap based in Fairbanks
I flew from all three, preferring the lovely Mendoza.

Click here for B-57C gear-up landing story and photos.

1974 Michelle in Canada

Carol Jean Meyer at 3 ... and 1 with grandma Burmeister, Ron and Diane