Louise Dunn's Scotts Valley House
1993 and 2004

Note: Mouseover for descriptions.

A very lovely Indian family moved into Weezie's house. They've been there the whole time and the Dad is single-handedly doing the renovations. It is STUNNING. The Dad works for SBC (remodeling is his hobby . . . he does it after hours!) and the Mom does volunteer work for the girls' schools. She was named Scotts Valley Volunteer of the Year in 2002!!! Sound familiar? Didn't Weezie volunteer about a thousand hours a year at Dominican Hospital?

The Mom and older daughter graciously showed us around the new house! I'm going to scan, or at least attempt to since it's been a while, pics of Weezie's house/yard. The wallpaper in the bedrooms is floral and beautiful! (Sorry, no pics of those). Shades of Green Street. Just what Weezie would pick out! Here goes . . . stand by!!!!!!

Upstairs, where the Chinese cabinet was (side wall) is a sliding bookcase, behind which is the family's computer room!. The new deck exits off the upstairs room with a staircase down to the back yard. The living room window is new: double pane glass. Bathroom/laundry room are now a large bathroom for the girls. No windows because kitchen is extended out about sixteen feet. Next to inside staircase is a large full bathroom with VERY fancy shower. Living room no longer enters into kitchen. That wall is solid. The Mom will use it for her own library /reading/writing room . . she LOVES to read! Sound familiar? Eventually there will be a large sun porch across the front! Oh. . . and the live oak tree is still there and they are designing the yard around it! I'll make a note of where the katalpa tree was! The rest you see will be self-explanatory!!


Garage door at back of house is extension of garage and used as Dad's workshop. An old dresser from Green Street is there and the Mom is planning to refinish it!! Bay window in rear was Weezie's bedroom! Garage now is completely finished with sheetrock, storage cabinets, etc. Really slick.




In kitchen #1, imagine the small space on the left as Weezie's PULLMAN kitchen. Under microwave is a state of the art double door dishwasher. I think it's European. Gas burners are on island so Mom can cook and schmooze with guests. They love to entertain and when Kitchen was torn up, they partied in the garage!! Check out the built-in on the wall in kitchen #3!!! The dining set is identical to the one we have on our patio (Char/Bruce)!!! I didn't notice that until I saw the picture!!!! Counters are either granite or cultured granite. Not sure which. Floor is slate. It's STUNNING!! Kitchen 4 looks back from the kitch from the dining area toward the archway that leads to the living room.